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The beast emerges from her den to get the essential nutrients of ice cream.

Amber Buttrum is a 20 something year old pedophile and professional Andy Milonakis look-a-like who is, in all essence, Chris Chan's female counterpart. She is the self-declared leader of "Animeangel2OO6" a YouTube based group of weeaboos who run a freeweb style website dedicated to their pseudo-satanic "church", while still serving as a place to upload their Sonichu-tier artwork. The group is composed of a handful of 15-year-olds, Buttrum, and a few persistent black telemarketers. To make it all worse, everything they do is dedicated to their "hero" 2pac.

Despite being well into her twenties, Amber remains unemployed and chooses to live from welfare check to welfare check while operating out of mommy and daddy's house. She claims that she can not work due to her "disabilities" which she lists as Asperger's syndrome, ODD, "severe depression", and "some mental disorder my parents haven't told me about". Although she is still clearly able to spend her days watching and drawing anime, as well as dining out and preying on unsuspecting children. Her parents are portrayed as two tired workers in poor health, forced to deal with the stress of their adult daughter living her life like a child on a daily basis.

Mewen Brown

Why don't you take a seat over there Miss Buttrum?

Mewen Brown is a 20-something year old YouTube trouble maker who befriended Buttrum through their love of shitty anime, promoting Buttrum to declare Mewen to be her "one and true only love" despite the 10-20 year age gap and the fact that Mewen was 15 YEARS OLD at the time. She claimed that this was COMPLETELY LEGAL, even with Mewen obviously being a minor. She has also gone as far as to confess her interests of bondage and bestiality to her dear underage b& e-girlfriend over several unknowingly recorded skype chats.


Yes, those are the only two things I will not do.


—Amber on scat and incest, but she is totally ok with bestiality and fart fetishes.

And yes she believes this activity is 100% legal for her to engage in with a 15 year old.

Dem titties


Amber's thought process seems to be severely crippled due to her extreme autism, as she felt it would be a good idea to send videos of her rubbing her tits and pussy to Mewen (who was, once again, 15 years old!).

An hero cover up

After the embarrassment of having her nasty titties plastered across the internet, Amber decided the best way out was through good ol' fashion suicide. Unfortunately, she is too fat to hang, too stupid to operate a gun, and her parents keep the pills locked up tight, meaning IRL suicide was out of the question. She soon realized that the option of e-suicide was still on the table, and got to work setting up memorial pages dedicated to herself and her "oh too short" life. All of this would have probably worked too, if she hadn't of come back a few months later under the same name expecting everyone to forget about her previous actions and allowing her to continue living in her little "everything is fine, let's have cybersex with underage girls" world.

As an "artist"

Need we say anything? About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Drawing images such as the ones above is the "core of her day"; she loves nothing more than spending hours on end making "masterpieces" on lined paper with crayola colored markers. The highlight of her artistic autistic career was her winning some sort of anime contest on Twitter, although the other entries were no more than the same type of crudely made Autist-art.

Improvements of her work


come @ me bro

One day, for no apparent reason, Amber decided to upload a video railing against ED even though she had no previous interactions with this site, While decoding the thoughts and (lack of) emotions of any aspie is a difficult task, she most likely felt that pointlessly ranting about the largest drama site on the net and attacking RANDOM SITE MEMBERS would help kids on YouTube from posting "GOT UR NUDES LOL". Needless to say, it didn't help.

I'm gonna c-... cut right into ya... like a chainsaw. S-... So you better watch yourselves.


—She instead cut right into a chocolate cake

I'd rather watch animals mating


Fortunately, Mewen was kind enough to out her friend in order to help prove that messing with ED is a bad idea.


lol, autism

According to Butthump's profile, she can never stop being her. Some argue this is because she will nevar decompose after death because of her massive girth. Scientists in 250X will be astounded by the human specimen found underground in untouched condition. Her body shall serve as a renewable energy source for years to come once dug up.

Birthday chats

On the night of her birthday, Amber was discussing her love of yaoi and pedophilia with her beloved girlfriend while her mother sat no more than a few feet behind her. Unknowing that a group of EDiots lurked the room, she proceeded to describe her masturbation habits and fantasies, once again, with her mother right behind her (and we're not joking about that). Suddenly, a wild rush of EDiots began wishing her a happy birthday in the most sincere way possible.

Honey, I don't care if you would like to talk to your girlfriend on the internet, but I am uncomfortable with the sex


—Her mother


Now come on, maybe he did want to bang Buttrum after all???

Buttrub has historically told erroneous stories of having cybersex with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and he proceeded to take advantage of her. The beast herself has claimed that her nudes were not leaked by Mewen, but by Dee and his evil agenda against her. She goes as far as to blame him for all the troubles in her life, most notably this very article.

That article is personal, and Dee Snider had sex with Amber on webcam and never should've leaked it to Mewen Brown, Amber's friend. Her family and future employers will hear of Amber's bad side once she's Googled. Her sex, not her talents, will be remembered. So yeah, you and Snider better admit your wrongdoings RIGHT NOW! >(


—A YouTube whiteknight (or sockpuppet)

Buttrub hits rock bottom

After a month of trying to fight the power and scrub her nudes off the net by ranting on YouTube, Amber finally came to the realization that ED, Anon, and pretty much everyone else on the internet hated her pedo ass. At the same time, the internet was quickly catching up to Mewen's irl life (or lack of for that matter seeing as she is no more than your average weeaboo high school dropout) and her father forcefully did the unthinkable: remove her from the internet! Meanwhile, Amber's former pedo lover Tablecow began whiteknighting for both Buttrum and Mewen, provided Mewen will continue to send him nudes.


In the words of her fellow aspie

Here's the story of Mewen Brown in full detail:

The Saga of Mewen, Philip, Amber, and Beefrave .by Philip Michael Gipson on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 12:12am.

Okay. Where do I start? Aha! I know:

I signed onto YouTube in the spring of 2010 as cybertronization. I had a blast commenting on other people's videos, and I was pretty good at it. Soon, trolls -- cyberbullies -- came at me. Creeps like TheBrickBalls had been messing with myself and elkinsinbox, an online friend. elkinsinbox is a man who goes about his life as he calls it. He and I are fans of studio logos such as DIC Entertainment. We were the trolls' easiest targets. TheBrickBalls was a tough troll to crack. He was too easy to provoke simply because I kept telling him to leave me alone. I got hacked eventually, and I signed in under another name, Telepix86. However, that account was short-lived, and now dynomitis is my current account. Somehow I'm still being trolled. But, trolls or not, I'm going to get a move on with my life.

Mewen Brown was not at all who I thought she was. I long suspected her to be a troll...but she never was. Since knowing her through YouTube, Skype, and Facebook, I gained nothing but the utmost respect for her. And then, tragedy struck. To explain further about my online adventures with Mewen, you'll have to know the whole story.

It all started when I befriended Mewen's very best friend, Amber Buttrum. Both of them were even online lovers. Amber was a good friend to me as well. I was subscribed to her YouTube channel, animeangel2006, under the names cybertronization, Telepix86, and currently dynomitis. She had covered many well-known songs and even did anime, TV, and movie fandubs for other YouTubers. She wrote a story called "The Omen of Teaberry," using Mewen Brown and horror icon Robert Englund as inspiration. I read the whole thing and was completely blown away by it. She had planned to go forward with her life, until...a series of misunderstandings between her and Mewen completely ruined their friendship. And so, Amber was forced to remove Mewen from her life completely, and leave the Internet forever. But that was not to be.

Amber, during her happy days, met rock singer Dee Snider and considered herself his biggest fan. He forced himself on her, which she never minded, and filmed their sexcapades on his camera and posted it online for everyone to see. Amber was called a pedophile on national television, and so was very deeply humiliated by the experience. An article was published by a troll named Meepsheep about Amber and posted to the troll site Encyclopedia Dramatica. This convinced Amber to fully go into hiding, never to be online again.

Mewen, Amber's former friend, chose to befriend me on YouTube. I was skeptical of her at first, worried that she wouldn't leave me alone. But then, my impression of her softened, and she was very nice to me through Amber's ordeal. Our friendship was so awesome, she asked to me to make a Skype so we'd talk further, and I did. We had such a fun time on Skype. Suddenly, a man named Beefrave entered the picture. He asked me for my personal information, and I gve it to him, unwillingly subjecting myself to his will. Mewen and I were deeply troubled by the trolls, especially a girl named IHM, who obviously doesn't like me very much because I have a disability. And so Mewen and I pretended to be some of them and had cyber-sex with each other. One pretense Mewen did was a man from named Taekesi. Taekesi is a YouTube trolling legend. He'd been on YouTube under countless identities. Usually his accounts can be determined by badass names like "SecretAgentTaekesi" and the use of clips from Azn action movies. He calls himself "legende," meaning "hipster."

All this pretense and cyber-sex led to Beefrave calling the cops on me and threatening to keep me in prison for the rest of my life. But I had help. Mewen got me an e-lawyer, Megasavage, to help me out with dealing with Beefrave. It all worked out well, and Beefrave finally left me alone. But he still stalked me. He changed Mewen and I's text's around so he could make himself look cool. To further anger him, Mewen and I discussed having sex with Beefrave's fat wife, how we would combine whipping with her poop and lick her body and ride her all the way to her wet-wet, and how I'd drink her period blood. Beefrave used to look like a darling, and Mewen developed a crush on him at the time. Then, he got really thin and grew a beard, and he became really ugly really fast. And he smelled like complete trash. He would smell so bad, he could end up stinking up the entire planet, polluting it with his gaseous ways. I mean, his odorous nature would probably even put the Devil out to pasture. His penis must look really small for it to be used on his wife's delicious wet-wet, but he wouldn't care. He just loved him some wet-wet. His wife's, particularly, would devour like a ravaging hound dog; he would, like, also lick it so hard and wanna suck her pee out and then swallow it, therefore enhancing his already ridiculously foul mouth. It also smelled like cream cheese, laxative enhanced diarreia, sweet and sour sauce, cream of onion, cream of shrimp, a Bam Margera shrine, and a hit of sour milk and rotted meat.

He would do nothing in his life but have sex, even go so far as to cheat on his wife for a living. His waifu smells like charcoal, much like his heart is, with a dash of sewer liquid and ectoplasm. He would eat her out anyway by spreading her out with honey and chew on her instantly. He would show no signs of slowing down.

Beefrave's wife's granny panties and toliet paper used to conduct lint between her big pussy lips, and the disgusting cheesy smell would manifest, with a hint of urine by absorbing into the lint and becoming a sweaty yellow cheese slob underneath her pussy lips and beefrave licking it up. Similar to smegma, when an uncircumised man's forskin cover's the head and cheese gets stuck around inside the dick, and it stinks pretty bad. Beefrave is also uncircumisied and gets smegma a lot so he loves the stank. Beefrave's wife gets it because she is fat and has an inside pussy where the lips conduct in and swet within the pussy. So she can't clean up very well at all.

Beefrave enjoys sniffing and inhaling the aroma of her smegma infested wet-wet, smelling the wine cheese stench and getting turned on. He eats her cheese like it was melted in a magical cauldron. His horse mouth feels and looks like a decaying sea of smoke, fog, and haze.

Mewen and I tried convincing Shane Hugaboom to break up with his girlfriend Savannah because we believe she wasn't right for him. I called his girlfriend fat and wet-wet, and that her pussy was all smelly and junky. But Shane was a rock. There was no way he would break up with Savannah -- EVER.

There was but one solution for my troll problem -- download a program to be completely rid of them. The plan worked, and I was forever safe. However, it came at a cost. Mewen was forced to leave the Internet and take her own life. It is a thought and image that will forever haunt me to this day. I will always and always remember Mewen as the happy-go-lucky girl I knew. I hope that she's in a better place now.

The many faces of Buttrum

Any of the listed below names are acceptable for use when referring to Buttrum. Please note that just because a name is not listed, that does not mean it is not appropriate.

  • Buttrumpet
  • Butthump
  • Buttrub
  • Buttrump
  • Fat/whale
  • Buttlumps

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