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Yes, dear readers, it's true!! If you couldn't tell already by her flat chest / ass, man chin, and huge forehead.....Amalea is a she-male!!


  • She conveniently outlines her stupidity in regards to how the internet works by harassing dreamhost repeatedly. This is long, but it contains high lulz and her home address! BONUS! Upon viewing, it becomes very apparent that Amalea could benefit from reading the DNS Comic. LOL DONGS!
  • A badly made tripod site from Amalea about Sherrod.
  • Here she flatters herself by incorrectly assuming that the Encyclopediadramatica is solely about her.
  • Once again dreamhost shows how they're the best host on the internet when faced with anonymous complaints about this very article.


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Amalea is a strong-minded LJer who posts mostly in abortion-related and conservative communities, claiming to have triumphed through many hardships.

Amalea is also a beautiful woman, a Christian, and a stay-at-home mother with two children. The first is a product of rape, yet she carried it to term and keeps it as her own. She can often be found forcing her views about abortion on others. She believes that not even in cases of rape or danger to the mother should a fetus be aborted. This dingy bitch, with her lack of facts, and resorting to cursing and accusations instead of engaging in true debate, has led many people to believe that she should be the poster child for reasons to have an abortion.

Her userinfo page would have you believe she's not a drone. In fact, she is a bold writer, confident enough to appear racist. Her quotables include such gems as "black women need keep their legs shut." More often though her debate technique consists of such stylistic gems as copy/pasting large articles (which have no bearing on the subject at hand) or resorting to capslocked comments instead of reasoned rebuttals. Some people mock her spelling, but they just don't understand that she hails from the great state of Texas, where Spanish will one day be the official language.

When not copying and pasting, her arguments usually consist of writing "MEDICAL JOURNALS" in all caps over and over again. She also has a colorbar, ostensibly to anger those who are jealous of her. Realistically, noone is jealous and this is just another act of vanity from a lunatic camwhore, whom many suggest wasn't actually raped, but just regretted the previous night's actions. She believes those people just like to make accusations with no evidence against strangers and they mock the seriousness of rape. rofl.

Amalea is not good with computer

They hacked her site 7 times, and plastered it with gay sex pictures.


Some people would consider it an honor to be pwned by Amalea because she has been featured on LJ Drama (not just once but twice).

Amalea and her puppets spent several days vandalizing Encyclopædia Dramatica. Just blanking pages wasn't good enough -- her cronies vandalized pages and added the WHOIS info of the people who run this site. Hint guys: WHOIS is a public database, it's not drama or revealing to paste information from it. Apparently even a friends only journal wasn't enough to stop the dramatub from draining into her sewer.

The drama of being featured on the Main Page was apparently too much for her, as her LiveJournal currently says it's deleted. For a while she could be found posting as valencianna, but that, too is now deleted along with the blog she maintained in her own webspace.

Without the blogs, she'll be desperate for attention, so she's probably home cutting and crying on the phone about being harassed on a forum she could easily ignore by people she doesn't even know. The odds are good, though that she will show up again at LJ with yet another nick, but what it will be remains to be seen.

It's rumored that she despises Killhamster, blames him for the deletion(s) of her journal(s), and has hired a private investigator to stalk him. An internet investigator. She'll soon be faced with disappointment when she finds there's nothing worthwhile to investigate and she's wasted her money.


Amalea is not without her fans. Ricochet rabbit, if he were still alive, would have hired her to photograph him in a cowboy hat and high heels. He would have particularly been interested in the affluence of pink and shimmering shininess in much of Amalea's internet work. Particularly admirable is her legal crusade to free the internets from mean people -- especially mean people who violate copyright infringements. Capitalism must be preserved for future generations to behold in awe, and people like Amalea protect this sacrosanct institution. Perhaps some day every child who is born will receive portfolio of stock.

Yea, the world is cruel. And though the world may not appreciate the Amalea for the visionary she is, one day our history books will be dotted with photographs of kittens and babies in order to temper the bloodthirstiness of the 21st century. For now, though the denizens of LiveJournal may not appreciate her, God certainly does.

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