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LOLCOWEPIC.jpg Alexander4488 is an Epic Lolcow
One page alone is not enough... it comes with commentary from Alexander4488 himself!!!
As he's too fucking retarded to know the difference between a Wiki page and a Forum.

...and now the APPROVED Alexander4488 ED Page!
Written by the manchild himself, as the retard has confused ED with TOW.

Alex4488poster.jpg can go fuck yourself you low life faggot.


— An actual response from Alexander to a viewer. The correct response for the viewer to Alexander4488 would be "NO U".

You love my videos.


— Another actual response from Alexander to a viewer that said it sucks

Take AVGN and take out the funny and you get this.


—True, but that's implying that the AVGN was funny to begin with.

Alexander, after spotting a sheep.

YouTube Favicon.png Alexander4488 (Full name: Alexander Jared Hans Badr) is a retarded smug fucking leaf and wannabe filmmaker who creates pathetic video game reviews with the clichéd "angry nerd" shtick in them on YouTube. He also visits the Vancouver Film School, hoping to "become a better director and filmmaker" and promotes himself as "the greatest thing on YouTube [next to the Angry Video Game Nerd]", despite the fact that he is one of the worst reviewers of all time. He is also a terrorist, treating the video game reviewing community just like the twin towers.

But don't you dare insult or criticize him, or even post so much as a single negative comment on any one of his shitty videos! Alex Googles his name on an hourly basis, so he is the first to know if anything bad is written about him or his videos. If that is the case, he will track you down and try to defend his good name, while he deletes comments on his own videos like a little bitch. Fortunately for trolls, he will literally respond to ANYTHING that even so much as makes fleeting reference to him, which thrusts the potential for lulz upwards.

Fun fact: Troll him once, and he will subscribe to you, thinking it will somehow discourage you from continuing to take actions against him. So, if you want to get that "5 Subscribers Special" out a little sooner, just leave a single derogatory comment on a single video of his, and watch your subscriber count increase by 1 as your inbox fills up.

This was Alex's girlfriend, Alanna Mackenzie. You can tell why he picked her given that they both have the intelligence of a piece of shit (and that's being kind). Her wisdom of games is greatly shown in the God of War 2 box art review. Yes I know exciting. Posting that she is a fat, ugly, stupid, whore or something else is guaranteed to generate lulz. Also, remind him that that bitch should be in the kitchen. Their relationship came to an end when Alex discovered that she cheated on him with a troll.

Alanna 1/10

Alanna 2/10

Alanna 3/10

Alanna 4/10

Alanna 5/10

Alanna 6/10

Alanna 7/10

Alanna 8/10

Alanna 9/10

Alanna 10/10


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Video Game "Journalism"

Looks like Alexander has repressed sexual urges
Alexander4488 has suffered from constipation for many years now.
Hey Youtube! Am I cool yet?



—Summary of every video by Alexander4488

Just like every video game reviewer on YouTube, he was "influenced" by the Angry Video Game Nerd's videos. But his passion went a little too far: He claims that he has sent hand-written letters to James Rolfe, and also created a TOTALLY FUNNY AND ORIGINAL video game reviewing series on YouTube by the name of the Annoyed Gaming Geek. However, Alexander realized that the name was too similar to the AVGN's, and changed it -- his only smart decision so far -- to the Gay Douche.

The name changed, the fad remained: in his "reviews" -- which are actually more like rants -- the Gay Douche sits there and needlessly bitches about small aspects of the game which really no one cares about. At the end, he invents new swear words (most preferably with "ass") and combines them to the point where they mean nothing anymore. There's even more: The Gay Douche also rants about new games from old Nintendo or Sega franchises -- up to the point where he trashes them because they offer new or different options and details.

lol interview
(He has finally become insane)

To cut a long story short: Alexander4488's reviews are the love child of the AVGN's swearing, the Irate Gamer's stupidity and Spax3's retrofaggotry.

Theme Song

Alexander4488 apraisal.jpg

Alex re-uploads the same videos over and over again within minutes of each other with only minor edits because they fell below a score of 3 1/2 stars (as he's not yet realized that it is the work of trolls, downvoting just to fuck with him and deflate his massive ego). What he should revise is his abysmal theme song:

 He is the Game Dude.
 He is so rude.
 He is a gamer with a bad attitude.
 He plays the games that brought mankind to shame.
 They insult the brain because they are so lame.
Now listen up. Game Dude is his name. Spends most of his time playing shitty games. Some from the present. Some from the past. But rest assured, they all suck zebra's ass. Graphics so bad, they make you wanna puke. The music's so annoying, you'll quickly hit the mute. But who is this man? Who? Who? The one who plays them so you don't have to.
He is the Game Dude. He is so rude. He is a gamer with a bad attitude. He plays the games that brought mankind to shame. They insult the brain because they are so lame.
Stories are bland. They rip off Wonderland. Look at our dragonfly. Now he looks like a man. Our flying squirrel can't walk up the stairs. And why is our bear just a bunch of squares? A werewolf, our hedgehog became? Our bandicoot, himself he defamed. No one likes the puss. Our fox is now a wuss. Look at these games. What a fuck platypus.
He is the Game Dude. He is so rude. He is a gamer with a bad attitude. He plays the games that brought mankind to shame. They insult the brain because they are so lame. They insult the brain because they are so lame.

From AVGN Rip-Off to AVGN Stalker

Alex decided being "inspired" by the AVGN wasn't good enough so in a desperate attempt to become best buds with James, he sent him a load of Weeaboo shit in the vein hope that Mr. Rolfe would respond. Unfortunately James did reply which boosted Gay Douche's ego to over 9000, so now Mr. Badr thinks he and James are the best of friends. He has jumped off the deep end in terms of sanity and is now stalking the poor four-eyed twat.

The Irate Gamer's Opinion of Alexander4488


The AVGN's Opinion of Alexander4488?

At the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2010 on July 2nd, the AVGN gave a Q&A session with the attendees. During this, the inevitable question would arise; does the AVGN know who the Gay Douche is? At first his response was one of puzzlement, before giving an astounding NO. This led the AVGN to ask if the Gay Douche is crazy. It is said that shortly after his response, the attendees could hear the cries of the Gay Douche, as his whole world started to crumble around him.

Given that the Gay Douche had previously provided "evidence" of communications with AVGN, though letters and emails which were apparently sent by James himself, it leads us to believe that Alexander has schizophrenia. Poor Irate wannabe :(

In the AVGN's 'Nintendo Days Re-Revisited' episode, released on September 3rd 2010, James seems to make an almost subliminal hint about the Gay Douche's habit of revising previous videos again and again and again. Since this video was made only months after first hearing about the Gay Douche at SGC 2010, this is surely more than a mere coincidence. This is made even more believable by the fact that the AVGN knows about the Irate Gamer, so the chances of James knowing the Gay Dude are as high as the Gay Douche's revision count.

Funnily enough, none of the AVGN's fans who have watched this episode have picked up on this. They were too busy jerking off with their Nintendo accessories and worshiping their almighty game reviewing God.

Shameless Self Promotion

Alexander4488 is infamous for his, let's say, "unconventional" method of self promotion: Spamming every gaming website and YouTube video ever. A small sampling of his hilariously blunt attempts to boost his popularity (and butthurt responses) can be seen here.

A Collection of Alexander4488's Spam and Butthurt About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


fuck you jaquan1254, alexnader4488 is awesome


YouTube Favicon.png Kylebuschfan187, who isn't able to type Alexander's name correctly

As a result of his shameless self-promotion, he attracts the sort of scum that like the wackiness of Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Irate Gamer's unneeded swearing: 13-year-old boys, furries, retards and retarded 13-year-old furries. Like every fanboy, they come to defend the person that - in their eyes - is the greatest and funniest video game reviewer of all time, not realizing how much their idol sucks.

The reason why most of Alexander's fans are under the age of 16 is that sooner or later they'll have to realize that Alexander's style of reviewing is just a carbon copy of the AVGN's style. Thus, they decide to leave the "fann comunity" and prefer to flame Irate Gamer's videos as AVGN Nazis.

Initial Trolling

<video type="vimeo" id="11700634" width="425" height="480" position="center"/>

I saw the Barbie commentary those two people in the commentary were making fun of you. Block them from going on YouTube.


YouTube Favicon.png PaperShadow2001, new to the Internets

Trolling operations of Alex began after a group of YouTube trolls released a commentary over his review of Barbie for the NES. Unexpectedly, Alex discovered the video that very same day it was posted, and soon, the video had more comments than it did views, thanks to Alex replying to multiple comments every time he visited the video to check the responses. Eventually, things were set straight with the statistics, after the channel banned Alex from posting comments. Not just once, mind you; but FOUR TIMES, as Alex happened to have multiple Youtube accounts on hand for exactly this kind of situation. Onlookers realized that there was more to Alex than being a mere "AVGN ripoff", and that there was more fun to be had with this butthurt faggot.

Alexander4488 vs. ED

Our paranoid friend tried to delete this picture with three separate accounts. For a guy who peddles his shit like a used car salesman, he sure doesn't want his picture out there.

That ED article is just more advertisement for me and all game reviewers have an ED article.


—Alexander, failing to see how exposing him as a sheep fucker can be classified as advertisement

Because Alexander is typing his name into a search engine in a hourly basis he had to find the blurb about him in the "Video Game Reviewers" article. In a case of extreme butthurt and insanity Alexander registered and tried to delete his picture on said article - with two accounts. The ED sysops didn't tolerate these dumb actions and banhammered his ass(es).

But that wasn't enough for him to learn his lesson! Alexander registered a third account, this time with the purpose of "commentating" on this ED article and vandalizing it. This, of course, got his ass "suspended" again - but that hasn't stopped him from returning again and again in his desperate attempt to "fix" this article.

For a complete list of Alexander's sockpuppet accounts, see here.

After the Apology (October 2010)

Speaks for itself.

Continued Trolling

A 7.9 on the Douchebag magnitude scale.

It's clear that Alex is certainly easy enough to aggravate: All it takes is a single comment to summon him, though science has yet to find a way to make him go away should you decide you no longer want to deal with him. However, with the number of unfunny YouTube-dwelling faggots emerging from the woodwork to take their respective shots at him, one must question whether it's even worth joining the fight at this point. It's obvious that the majority of users producing rant videos and commentaries at this stage in the game are doing so to gain popularity, rather than to get on Alex's nerves.

Does that mean that we should all drop whatever we have planned and leave him be? Of course not: He's a goddamn quotable goldmine, and there are few YouTubers with quite the same level of unwarranted self-importance as he. However, in order to keep things fresh, and to prevent operations from becoming too played out, editors to this article need to stop dedicating entire sections to any irrelevant newfag who happens to take a shot at him, which should hopefully help to discourage other newfags from putting together their own shitty videos in the hopes of getting mentioned on ED.

The GameFuckingFucker Fiasco

In an attempt to demonstrate his influence over his fans, Alexander released a video in which he urged his fans to subscribe en masse to a user by the name of YouTube Favicon.png The Game Fucking Fuck Fuck Fucker Fucking Fuck Fucker (A parody of every unfunny video game reviewer, in association with a known trolling channel), who Alexander had deluded himself into believing existed for the sole purpose of parodying him. The catch was, the GFFFFFFF had committed suicide in the last episode of his series, when he accidentally started to become as popular as the greedy faggots he mocked. And so, Alexander declared that if he should get the GFFFFFFF over 500 subscribers, that he should feel obligated to return to YouTube once again.

Rather than encourage Alexander's faggotry and fuel his ego, and rather than appease his own retarded fans, the GFFFFFFF removed all his videos from his channel, enraging Alexander and confusing his fans who were basically being told to subscribe to a blank channel. A week later, after Alexander's "Deadline to Subscribe" had passed, the GFFFFFFF put his videos back up, proving himself to be the better man (And better reviewer).

The Closet Furry and Failed Commentator

Alexander4488's review of Star Fox Adventures brought in two trolls named GLaDOSexe and spunkeez, whom seemed to fail at being inspired by commentary channels who had previously called Alex out on his shit. Alexandria posted a NINE PART Emo Bawfest (see below) and re-uploaded his 2 PART Star Fox review, renaming it in honor of these furfags as he named the re-uploaded reviews "Blame the two furries for this".

Interestingly enough, in addition to evidence of Alexander4488 being a Zoophile, he also makes mention of the snout on Fox's face being too short, as well as other questionable comments.


Since the aftermath of Alexander's continued retardation, Spunkeez gave a speech thanking Alexander4488 for helping him complete his life by trolling at least one YouTube Reviewer before he dies. Now that he can die a happy man, perhaps he'll be so kind as to fade back into obscurity and refrain from sparking weak drama in the future, so his fans might stop trying to pass it off as legitimate trolling?

While also claiming that all the so called trolls are butthurt they are actually laughing at Alexander's failure. After he realised it was a stupid fucking idea to do commentaries in the first place he now threatens all the trolls with an ED page. Yeah, like editing ED has worked so great for him so far.

Alexander4488 Trolling Sentinelcl

In a further attempt to prove his badassery, Alex decided to attack Sentinelcl, a little known user on YouTube who posts reviews and features for a tiny and insignificant audience. Sentinelcl ordered the "Game Dude" DVD in order to post a review of it; however, he never received it. So, he made a video warning his audience that the offer was likely a scam. Alex replied in an attempt to tear his warning video apart. One part particularly amusing was when he was making fun of Sentinelcl for being fat and balding before showing a YouTube user by the name of Helsing920, surely one of the slimmest people of all YouTube.

Contact Information

His Home.

Alexander Badr's Penis

Alexander4488 purchased a TLC Tugger which is used for penis foreskin restoration. Complete instructions After wearing it, he experienced some problems with the product, so the genius decided to post about it on a public forum under his alexander4488 screen name instead of making a new one.

After taking off the TLC Tugger, a liquid bubble, two red dots, and a small red line formed; What are they and why did they form?


—Alexander Badr

I'll never forgive my parents for circumcising me. Circumcision is the dumbest thing to get popular and it should be banned.


—Alexander Badr

So remember parents, never circumcise your kids or else they'll grow up to be raging sheep-fucking gaming nerds!

Galleries of Douchebaggery

Compromising Screencaps

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


So far, my goal is to have no 3.5 star rated videos. I have one curse that needs to be revised, and that's the awful Mario Kart review. After that, I must have no 4.0 star rated videos, than no 4.5 star rated videos. They all must have 5 stars each, and I will reach that goal for sure.


—Alexander, showing how much he cares about his fans

Actually, all my humor is very clever. Maybe it's just too clever for you.


—Alexander, being fucking delusional

You know why you're called MrShitdick? Because you like to pokey up boy bums and you love it when boys poopoo on your peepee.


—So mature!

Actually, I am only a tribute to the AVGN and the AVGN himself has complimented my work. Now, an AVGN rip off is the Irate Gamer, whom does not even acknowledge the Nerd's existence. I cite my inspiration in all my videos and although the style is the same, all my jokes are 100% original.


—You know what's BULLSHIT?! Alexander's lies.

Regarding the two links: I fucked sheep when I forced them to read your stupid comments.


—Alexander, reacting to the screenshot exposing him as a sheep fucker.

Not a single thing here rips off the AVGN


—Alexander, in response to a comment pointing out his blatant plagiarism.

Barbie is one of those shitty games


—Alexander's most famous joke.

News! I have killed the Logic Boy!


—Alexander, in response to his own video.

go fuck yourself you low life faggot.


—Alexander, responding to a private message

Fuck you faggot.


—Alexander, continuing to show how much he loves his fans

Go video tape yourself getting ass raped by a gorilla.


—Alexander, as polite as he can be

Now get the fuck off mah property.


—Alexander, ripping off of someone else for a change.

I am a jackass looking for attention.


—Alexander, admitting he's an attention whore

Put it up on ED. Then the whole world will know how much of a retard you really are. Fucking faggot.


—Alexander, getting his wish

But yeah, you fail at life. Faggot.


—Alexander, after seeing the above quotes

Need to all go fuck the peep holes of cow nipples while chimpanzees shove partially rotten bananas up your asses.


—Alexander's Fantasy.

You can all go fuck elephant trunks and shove cucumbers up your asses.


—Alexander's Fantasy.

You suck so much elephant ass, you turn its anus inside out, over your head, once you've finished sucking.


—Alexander's Fantasy.

Go fuck a donkey while milking a chompanzee's tits you fuck horse fuck noodle ass face.


—Alexander's Fantasy.

Go shave a cat and lick its butt while riding a donkey fucking a horse you butt munching munchkin fuck noodle.


—Alexander's Fantasy.

"Fan" Videos

More shitty games
And even more shitty games
Mario is one of those shitty games
Proof of Alexander4488's plagiarism
(Like it wasn't obvious enough)
The ultimate fight of the rip-offs
Alexander's weird fetishes

SockPuppet Accounts

Note: Due to Alex's obsession with deleting fucking everything, none of these accounts exist anymore. But we're still leaving them here just so people will know that Gay Douche seriously wasted this much time and effort creating no less than EIGHT ED accounts.

See Also

External Links

I know it seems like i'm beating a dead horse here, but it turns out Badr (unfortunately) hasen't vanished completely from the internet. He still makes zany little short films/commercials/or whatever the fuck. [[1]]


YouTube Favicon.png GameDudeOfficial His final safe haven of bullshittery.
Skype username: gamedude4488
Alexander4488 on Facebook. BALEETED
"Official" Gay Douche topic - he created four of them there.
EDiot writes about his dumb actions, gets responses from Alexander after a few posts. BALEETED
Random post on a M.U.G.E.N. forum criticizing Alexander, a few posts later he appears.
Later he re-registers under another name and tries to boost his popularity.
Alexander visits TGWTG, but - oh snap! - he isn't accepted.
Second try.
Another "official" Gay Douche thread.
A whole YTMND page dedicated to Alexander!
YouTube Favicon.png Alexander4488's troll (FYI: it's Jared himself.) An archive of old Game Dude Videos. And here's another archive.

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