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"Alexander-sama" is a new, somewhat forced meme presented by a growing collection of 4chan oldfags, agingfags, and newfags who have found important messages in his rare threads.


The man himself, whose name (according to his claim) is "Alexander," has made little to no attempt at any major recognition. Instead, his concern often lies in the condition of 4chan's /b/. However, the amount of support for his cause has led to a large number of idiots to kiss his ass in an unproductive, sometimes even cancerous manner throughout /b/. The “Alexander Fan Club” consists mainly of newfags who insist not on hearing Alexander's actual messages, but on feeling as though they are part of something. In his third official thread, Alexander personally told these individuals to shut the fuck up.



Alexander's first official appearance was at the end of his legendary EFG thread, during which he pretended to be the original EFG artist in order to thoroughly explain the cancer of /b/ and present a simple solution (one which Alexander often repeats later on): original content. During Alexander's EFG thread, he actually did a very terrible job, in terms of the images themselves, of disguising himself. However, most /b/tards still listened to him. Many have speculated that Alexander just got lucky, but the more likely case is that his poor trickery was on purpose; the newfags were fooled enough that most would shut up, while the oldfags knew it wasn't EFG, and thus were not distracted from the purity of the message Alexander was attempting to send. This thread was one of the biggest sources of chemo in a long time.

Alexander's second official thread was a retaliation to forced memes, such as Dick Butt. Rather than outright explaining the thread's purpose, Alexander instead disguised it as a newfag "Everyone Get In Here" thread. One can easily tell that this is because Alexander did not wish to speak with those who were already against forced memes, but instead aimed to attract the very type of crowd which had taken part in such faggotry. During the thread, he proposed a new false meme, which died with the thread: for good reason, and probably an intentional discontinuation. The thread itself turned many newfags and gaiafags against each other. Those which had once said Dick Butt began to argue with others of the same. For four days after the thread, no major instance of Dick Butt or any other forced meme could be found. However, the effect of this chemo could not last forever.

Alexander's third and latest thread was a call for W. T. Snacks. He proposed that the userbase of 4chan convince Moot to accept Snacks back, and that Snacks be paid by the very /b/tards who miss him. The thread was incredibly popular and surpassed 500 posts. /b/tards who knew Snacks personally were unsure, as Snacks himself has displayed bitterness towards 4chan after having been fired by Moot. However, the plan was solid. Some /b/tards have begun to call it “Donate or Die, Snacks edition.”


Alexander is a self-titled newfag. This has been called into question on numerous occasions. Alexander's name is supposedly “Alexander.” This too has been called into question on numerous occasions. His reason for abandoning anonymity is unknown, though some suggest that it was to give his messages more meaning. Others theorize that he merely enjoys attention, though this is greatly contradicted by the way Alexander acts in regards to his “followers.”

Alexander posts a picture of himself with each post, and always one which has been taken moments before. According to Alexander, this is to prevent any clones of himself to appear. He also claims that these pictures are always taken with a “crappy camera phone,” explaining why they are almost always very dark. Needless to say, shoops of him have been made. Though Alexander proves himself with a photo at the end of each thread he founds, Alexander has never started a thread out as himself. The most obvious reason for this is to draw attention onto his topic and not himself. All three of Alexander's threads on /b/ have been placed in the archives by popular vote among 4chan users, but are still in the review process.

Outside 4chan

Alexander has also been spotted multiple times on infinitychan, where a great number of oldfags and newfags pretending to be oldfags fled after his first thread. Infinitychan has become much like a base of operations for those providing chemo for the cancer of /b/. On infinitychan, Alexander has expressed little more than what he has told 4chan, with the exception of a brief poetic allegory against the longcat crusade, which he feels will merely attract more gaiafags to 4chan.

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