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Alec Difrawi is a successful Egyptian businessman living and operating in Orlando, Florida. He is highly respected as a small-time crook and one time felon who likely chose the scamshine state (after he was banned from doing business in Illinois) due to its tolerance for people filling the internet with crap.

He has been ruthlessly attacked online by disgruntled former employees, competitors, internet terrorists, conspiracy theorists, extortionists and random basement-dwelling nerds with nothing better to do. Clearly, anything written about Difrawi or his legitimate businesses is defamation and deserves immediate legal action.

He has a long history of valiantly and fearlessly fighting against moralfags who seem to assault him at every turn by pointing out his previous convictions for fraud, arrest for child abuse, involvement in modelling/employment scams and many other details that became irrelevant five minutes after they happened.

Like most other legitimate businessmen he likes to go under several different names. Alec Difrawi seems to be his preference for the moment, but he has also been known as various combinations of Alec Defrawy, Michael Defrawy, Ayman El-Difrawi, Ayman A. El-Difrawi, Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi and Defendant.

Spam after all is not illegal


—Someone who doesn't work for but "has a vested interest" in Difrawi's business

Difrawi For Congress!

One possible reason his campaign failed: [1]

Back in '05, Ayman (if you choose one of his names randomly you may be right at that moment) ran for congress trying to reform the internets so he could finally run his businesses in peace. The idea was to require any random idiot posting anything anywhere to provide complete dox so that he would have less trouble throwing harassing lawsuits at them. The e-lectorate welcomed him with open arms and many still can not comprehend why he isn't president today instead of the black person.

Some quotes from the campaign:

The World Wide Web has become the Wild, Wild West


—Crappy campaign slogan. And there's still a serious lack of giant mechanical spiders here.

How does the bill work? Anyone creating a site or posting on a message board must provide a valid and verifiable name, address and phone number. That’s all there is to it. Simple, yet effective. Cyberbullies will think twice about spewing possible slander if they know their words can be traced.


Defining himself as the arch-enemy of trolls everywhere.

Some reactions:

ever read the book "1984" - that is what the above reads like


Spontaneous and insightful Obvious troll and clearly libelous reaction to Difrawi's campaign

How would you even enforce this? First of all congress can only pass federal laws in the US, not the world. This means two things, the rest of the world wouldnt need to adhere to these rules, and secondly...americans can just use non-US website hosts and as such avoid this legislation.


—Difrawi argues why he needs to be world president

...the majority of Americans using the internet can tell the difference between a reputable news source and trolls spewing garbage on a message board


—Member of the electorate proving himself wrong

DIFRAWI FOR CONGRESS - Rich people need privacy too. Hiding your identity when running a corporation should be a civil right.

DIFRAWI FOR CONGRESS - Poor people who post their stupid opinions on the internet should be required by law to provide their dox so I can sue them.

DIFRAWI FOR CONGRESS - I'm in marketing, so you know you can trust me.

Campaigning PROTIP: Try not to get jailed for fraud.

Completely Irrelevant History

It was the Jew's fault, honestly.

Long ago, he founded the largest internet modelling company in the world, but had to leave it only because it was exposed in national media as one of the largest frauds in history and his associate Lou Pearlman (actual kike) ended up banned IRL.

He then moved on to something called Internet Solutions Corporation running a bunch of job boards under a few different company names, going just fine before those misguided idiots in the local media and Washington Post picked up on it, and random people started attacking him for no reason again. So he had to defend himself. Several factual sites were set up to tell the truth, one for example here.

Today most companies of any significance are the target of hate or attack sites engaged in posting derogatory reports for the purpose of harming the business. To see for yourself perform a Google search for the following terms: "PayPal", "Microsoft evil", or "Wal-Mart sucks" [...] Invariably, almost as soon as a company is becomes successful and is welcomed into the "big leagues", it is welcomed into the world of Internet attacks.


—Difrawi compares himself to multinational corporations

USAVoice is run by a group of criminals - Obviously this is false"


—Obviously. It is only run by one criminal Jew

USAVoice is the fastest growing News site on the Internet - As far as we know, this is true. Going from zero to over 20,000 users in just a few weeks is a rate of growth faster than any site we are aware of"


—No, we don't actually have numbers for any other site, so what?

USAVoice has never been sued in any court of any jurisdiction.


—Nevar! Parent company doesn't count.

USAVoice has never been the subject of any complaint to any Better Business Bureau


—Washington DC doesn't count.

Tinfoil hats - effective pacifier even against Russian hackers. Mind control rays still go straight through it.

To counter the Washington Post writings, they released a TL;DR brilliant analysis of how a Russian extortionist tricked the Washington Post into writing lies about Difrawi companies. All true - it's a conspiracy, kids.

He actually launched IRL lawsuits against several bloggers and anonymous forum posters, not going so well, at least one of those got pwned for being frivolous bullshit. Srsly. The internet terrorists have taken over the California court system now.

Michael (Srsly, the name changes everyday) has, after these hard-fought battles and e-learnings, assembled his own personal Internet Hate Machine to shut up anyone and anything that you DO NOT want to fuck with (without the usual 7 proxies at least). Despite the glorious struggle he eventually gave up and applied the commonly accepted business practice of delete fucking everything so he could start it up under a different name and pretend he's not running it.

ISC was forced to abandon and no longer use ISC owned websites referenced on [hate site] and ISC expended substantial sums establishing and creating new internet sites to operate its business



Difrawi has no relation whatsoever to Three Stars Media


—Difrawi's new puppet CEO/lawyer

Since then he's been running Three Stars Media behind the scenes, not admitting to that fact until his tormentors in the local media once again caught up with him. But he is now running a perfectly honest marketing company that is utterly undeserving of being targeted by any misguided moralfags bent on exposing past acts of faggotry.

Hate Machine In Operation

When Simon's (we figure he'll use it eventually, so why not beat him to the punch) usual array of friendly phone calls and legal threats fail to get crap deleted, he has no option but to resort to more serious measures. Obviously any site that allows anyone to post is responsible for the actions of those posters, right? And obviously when a business is lied about on a public forum no one can blame them for lowering themselves to the level of any random person who dared voice his opinion, right? Awwright!

Another Difrawi web proxy fail. Remember kids, only use them to get past firewalls at school, never to cover your tracks

So when all of Difrawi's sites got blacklisted on the Web of Trust for useless phishing rather than job opportunities, thanks to the actions of some troll bent on defaming and spreading lies about Alec, doing the same against Web of Trust was the reasonable response.

However this time he forgot about the standard company practice of staying behind 7 proxies when defaming other companies.

Trolling PROTIP: When screwing around, don't use an IP that can be traced back to your physical office address through publicly available information.

Difrawi, being an experienced businessman, naturally has few problems with companies defaming eachother:

I could understand if there were people out there who were trying to give me a bad name because they were in competition with me or my company. This makes sense. It’s normal to have competition. It’s too bad that some find it acceptable to badmouth the names of your competition, but this is just all part of the game.

But remember if you try to defame him or his companies as an individual because you think he's a sack of crap you are not being fair dammit and he will sue you. That kind of thing is just not cool.

Vandalizing Wikipedia - Now A Corporate Bonding Experience

These are now official facts.

Some edits made to TOW from the same Three Stars IP as above, and a user page that shows they've been banned multiple times:

Les Henderson has been generally seen as an opportunist who holds himself out as a fraud investigator, who is actually preying on victims by selling them how to not be scammed books



The greatest player in Flag Football History is Alec Difrawi



No Longer Full Of Shit

Be creative.

This quote appeared on a test blog set up by someone at Three Stars, and was quickly deleted once people noticed it. BuzzGrub, the site in question, hadn't been up for more than a month or two.

Please write and post your sample blog [...] The subject of your sample blog should be based on the following scenario. You've been working with BuzzGrub for one full year. Please write a detailed blog outlining your experience as a reporter with us. Be creative! Tell your readers what you've learned and earned over the past year and what's included in your plans with us for the future!


—Instructions for employees to blog facts only

The Difrawi Project

"I am not a crook"

An anonymous "colleague" is here trying to claim that he is in fact an honest legitimate businessman and not just a typical con artist in serious denial of being a crook. This is quite extraordinary since it has only happened 65 times since he was let out of prison.

For too long the wrong people have controlled the dialogue on the internet about Alec Difrawi.


—Despite our attempts to sue them into oblivion

And did you know that the only bad thing he ever did was that little "white collar crime" (meaning it wasn't really very serious) that landed him in prison? This is more closely described on, compared to a little white lie that he forged his fathers signature to obtain a bank account for his business. Lets just forget to mention that this wasn't the only bank account he tried to obtain with fraudulent information, that this wasn't the only piece of bullshit on the application, that he was ripping people off by promising things he could not deliver, and was forced to pay $2 million in restitution to his victims [2] [3].

But he really has changed since then and learned his lesson. Let us also forget to mention that all the companies he's run since then, for example Wilhelmina Scouting Network, USA Voice, Three Stars Media and The Internet Company have been exposed in mainstream media as scams.

A lot has been written about Alec Difrawi. A lot. So much so that you have to wonder: why? What has he done to generate so much attention?


Yes, why? Here are a few possibilities:

  • He runs useless job boards with postings copied from legitimate job boards just so he can get people's personal details to sell to marketing companies.
  • He has in the past taken part in far nastier modelling/loan/employment advance fee scams.
  • Despite that he has spent his entire life inventing new scams, he tries to defend himself as if he's in any sense respectable.
  • He files lawsuits against dozens of random IPs and consumer advocates who say anything bad about him even when it's backed up by a frikkin' Washington Post article.
  • He is not an exception to the Streisand Effect. Every time you succeed in deleting something, another ten idiots will spread it even further.
  • He claims to have changed for the better, but at best he seems to have learned how to stay out of prison while running his shady schemes.
  • He's a sociopathic con artist who doesn't know when to quit.

So to those guys who are already parsing this entry to pick it apart and make snide comments, go right ahead.


Thanks, will do.

what speaks volumes about Alec is that despite the constant attacks he continues to create jobs and do everything he can to make people’s lives better. That he hasn’t given in to the negativity.


Newsflash: According to some PR people Alec Difrawi has employed, being a scumbag is now a good thing, as long as you don't show any remorse, keep acting like a scumbag and employ others to do the same.

The Bad Boy of Marketing

The bad boy of marketing had grown up.


—At the end his life's story, all true and not at all an attempt at rewriting history

Yes, he is seriously calling himself that.

Go ahead and hire him already. A real asset to any marketing company, no annoying scruples to worry about. Many will thank you if you can get him an honest job for once.

Three Stars Leadership

An abused corporate video with more evil defamation.

Gonna make ya an offer ya cant refuse

Marketing PROTIP: First come up with something stupid and pretend this is how everyone else does it, and then describe how you don't. It's not as if the average viewer knows a strawman argument when he sees one anyway.


Q. And did those positions exist?

A. We did not physically have the jobs in-house available for somebody. I'm sure in America somewhere those jobs existed, but we did not have them. Q. All right. So were these ads made up?" A. These ads were simply made up because they drew high-volume calls.


Former disgruntled employee clearly lying

The company appears to be very poorly managed. One developer described the management as running around like a chicken with its head cut off


—Mere hearsay

The only reported employment that ISC does is to recruit people to post on forums, bulletin boards, Yahoo Answers, SiteAdvisor and Wikipedia to either counter claims made by complainants or to spam or disrupt operations


—Random forum troll

Career Network is also an aggregator of jobs posted on public boards. When Career Network reposts a job from a public domain or other job board Career Network informs employer of the job being reposted and forwards applicants to the employer


—Good business practices 101 - Not enough job postings on your own job boards? Copy from someone else! (baaleeted)

duties for this position would include searching job boards, online classifieds, newspapers, and company websites for job postings. Once these were found, they were to be submitted to "The Internet Company”'s back office for approval in order to be placed on the aggregate job board known as "JobNab"


More damned hearsay

...Mr. Difrawi is a convicted criminal who was arrested, convicted and incarcerated for fraud-related offenses related to non-existent job opportunity offers for which a restitution order in the amount of over $2 million for 13,000 victims remains unpaid. While he seeks to sugarcoat or omit the finer details, himself admits this...


Les Henderson kicking Difrawi's butt in court

Therefore, any claims related to the suggestion that Difrawi is a convicted criminal, job scammer, cunning liar, accused child abuser or other truthful, factual and uncontestable statements should fail due to judicial admission. There can also be no disputing the fact that Mr. Difrawi is a public figure with a reputation so besmirched by his own activities that his reputation is indefensible.


—Les Henderson

It should also be noted that not once in the past fifteen years, despite the plethora of negative mainstream media coverage, [Difrawi has never] brought a civil action for [...] defamation against any media outlet or the Better Business Bureau, choosing instead to stifle free speech through a continuous stream of vexatious litigation against numerous individuals from around the world who lack the financial resources of Difrawi or his operating entity of the moment...


—Les Henderson

Coming to the logical conclusion that the historical activities of [Difrawi] make him a despicable character does not make one malicious, merely observant.


—Les Henderson

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