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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Screamerreaction.jpg Akai Dalia looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
You could also add in actual humor.
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Behold the face of the Sonic-Sue with her totally real boyfriend Shadow. And yes, she actually watermarked this.

Deviantart-favicon.png akaidalia, like many other forever-alone basement dwellers, likes to waste away in her bedroom shlicking to her own masterpieces depicting the everlasting love between Sonic, Shadow, and her weirdly long-legged, floppy-titted Mary sue, Jane 'Akai' Dalia. But she didn't start her lucrative online career pumping out crudely drawn, hard-core threesomes!

Like with every successful person, she has her critics. And like many Tartlets, she knows how to respond to her critics. Rather than take a hint when dozens of people tell her same thing, she sics her fans on the person. If such white knights are inevitably struck down, she blocks the offender and makes sure everybody knows just how little she cares about critique by ranting about it in a journal or the comments of her latest atrocity.

Just like most sonictards Akai is also a Pegasister whose cutie mark is of a Sperm joining an Egg. How appropriate. She also has a collection of pony toys and ruined posters because of her undying hate for Amy Rose- Sonic's real girlfriend. While Akai isn't fingering herself to Sonic the hedgehog,she's likely visiting the local Aquarium fingering herself to the Orcas, with which she's nearly as obsessed. Since she couldn't buy an Orca, thank god, she settled with buying a pet Hedgehog which she named, you guessed it, Sonic.

Quick Overview of who Akai Dalia is

Every time a person points out how much of a fucking slutbag std infested whore her Shit-Sue is her and her whiteknights throw a shit fit despite the obvious in Akai's online galleries.
If this obsessive bitch really did have an actual boyfriend, he probably ditched her because of her sick obsession with fucking Sonic and Shadow and her shit attitude. He really dodged a bullet.
Y U SO OBSESSED About missing Pics
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If you thought the design was shit go read the bio and laugh. She updated it but it's not that much better.

Name: Jane Dalia

Nicknames: Akai , Red Dalia , Scarlet

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Height: 98 cm

Weight: Secret

DOB: April 22th 1994

Birth Place: Unknown

Occupation: Noblewoman

Top Speed: High Speed Runner ( 160 - 175 Mph)

Special Attacks: Karate Blows, Stabbing with the her Katana, Spin Jump, Spin Attack, Flower Horse.

Abilities & Aptitude: Dalia Storm, Flower Shoot, Dark Dalia, Super Dalia

Hobbies & Talents: Drawing, listen favorite music, brown belt karate, ability to use any melee weapons and firearms, excellent hearing, sports skills.

Weaknesses: To Sonic, Shadow and to her own mother (love daughter)

Friends: Saira, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, Cream, Blaze, Silver.

Rivals: Amy Rose (love rival)

Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic

Gourmet of choice: Lasagna, Spaghetti, pizza, spicy food, chocolate, cookies and cakes.

Beverages of choice: tea (wit lemon) , orange juice

Favorite color(s): red, violet and black

Miscellaneous trivia: Akai is in love with Sonic, but her feelings are also addressed to Shadow. Despite her athletic ability, Akai has a fear of heights.

Personality: Akai is a girl ,who likes to spend time alone, but is also able to be sociable. Hates hypocrisy and simulation someone who is not. Akai can be impulsive, but also caring and compassionate. Akai is well organized, but a little with the bossy.

Items & Weapons: Akai has a katana named Astra. She calling out using of minds. With materialization of the katana appear sparkling gleams.

Themesong: Lady Gaga - Born this Way

Back Story: Akai comes from a noble family “Garden Dalia”. She is the successor to the title of nobility-the Countess. Her parents, Lena Dalia the Hedgehog and Jack the Hedgehog govern of entire county. Her older brother Jakob the Hedgehog,had gone abroad, and younger , Peter ,living with them. Akai’s real name is Jane. “Akai” is her self-proclaimed name. She has a katana called Astra. Each member of her family, having completed 18 years, received a sword. When Akai became an adult, went out into the world looking for his destiny .. and love, which turned out to be Sonic. True, Akai doesn’t show feelings personally to him ,but trying to be his best friend. When it comes to her attitude to Amy, she is her love rival for Sonic. She doesn’t bestow Amy special sympathies, but try to respect her. Akai has a similar approach to Shadow as to Sonic. But the her dilemma is in the fact that Akai has for both the same feeling.

Slightly less cringy update

Name: Jane Scarlet Dalia

Nicknames: Red Dalia , Scarlet

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Orietation: Heterosexual

Height: 98 cm

Weight: Secret ;)

DOB: April 22th 1994

Birth Place: Mobius

Occupation: Noblewoman of Florem Monarch

Top Speed: High Speed Runner ( 160 - 175 Mph)

Special Attacks: Karate Blows, Stabbing with the her Katana, Spin Jump, Spin Attack.

Abilities & Aptitude: Flower Shoot, Dark Dalia, Super Dalia, sports skills,brown belt karate, ability to use any melee weapons and firearms( middle level)

Hobbies & Talents: Drawing, listen favourite music. Family: Raven Dalia -mother, Jack Dalia - father, James and Pit - brothers. Life partner: Maurice(Sonic) Kids: Nano, Kay and Aice (with Maurice) Friends: Ardith, Saira, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, Cream, Blaze, Silver. Rivals: Amy Rose (love rival) Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic Gourmet of choice: Lasagna, Spaghetti, pizza, spicy food, chocolate, cookies and cakes. Beverages of choice: tea (wit lemon) , orange juice Favorite color(s): red, violet and black. Fears: spiders, fear of hights Strenghts: brave, self-assurance, confidence of herself Weakness: sensitive, bossy, implusive, actions under emotions.

Miscellaneous trivia: Jane is in love with Maurice (Sonic), but her feelings are also addressed to Shadow. Despite her athletic ability, Jane has a fear of heights. She met them during their journey through the Mobius. They dueled, and she looked at them out of hiding. When Shadow had the advantage over Maurice (Sonic) and pinned him to the ground,Jane moved into action and prevented the a nasty end of this fight. She tried to convince Shadow not to hurt him. He reluctantly did it.

Personality: 1. Positive features: sociable, communicative, friendly, helpful, forgiving,warm, caring, resourcefull, intelligent 2. Negative features: bossy, malicious, impulsive, noisy, very sensitive. 3. Strong points: brave, defensive, familial. 4. Weaknesses : To Sonic and Shadow :D, acrophobia, archanophobia. Curio facts: -Jane has got a evil twin sis by magical mirror in ruins castle of her forefathers, which she found during her journey. When she left the ruins the evil sister get came out of the mirror. Jane's evil twin sister owns all of her personality traits, but awry. Her evil twin sis has been made by evil magic of mirror. It means that Jane's evil twin is form of capsular evil energy. After passed time Jane was fighting with her evil twin sis face to face, defeating her down, cuz evil twin sis wasn't true of her. She was her evil copy. -Jane has fear of acrophobia, so it makes her easy to defeat when it comes to fighting on the big heights. -When Jane met Maurice(Sonic) she haven't fancied him at first. She pegged him as irresponsible and childlish. She changed her mind when Maurice(Sonic) rescused her from death while Eggman's attack -Jane doesn't like alcohol. Her favourite is tea and orange juice. -Jane is short-distanced. Despite she is pretty fast , she is not able to reach not longer distance than 2 miles. She needs to take a breaks during. -Jane can swim only near the shore. Not on depth.

Items & Weapons:Jane has a katana named Astra. She calling out using of minds. With materialization of the katana appear sparkling gleams.

Themesong: Lady Gaga - Born this Way

Back Story: Jane comes from a noble family "Florem Monarch". She is the successor to the title of nobility-the Countess and she's future ruler of monarchy. But at first she has to enter into arranged marriage. As future ruler and wife , Jane will have to procreate the another succesors with noble blood. Jane get against the her mounted future and she decided change her destiny on her own and after made arrangement with her mother, with no her father's awarness, running away from home for create her own destiny.

Y U SUCH A MARY SUE About missing Pics
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Akai's Autism

Her expression when you're not part of her legion of Yes-Fags.
Watch out! We've got a badass cow over here u guise!!!

Akai manages to somehow magically have plankton-sized kids with her Sonikku and later on goes and fucks Shadow...or Shadow-kun, and manages to have kids with him as well. Is she a whore? Nope. Not one bit. Despite pumping out kids like shits after Thanksgiving, she manages to maintain the anatomy of an anorexic 12 year old that received tit implants because

"Cartoons don't have to be realistic or have good anatomy"


—Akai, A direct quote.

That's almost as original as "It's my style, BAAW!" Which she has used before when addressing Akai's freakishly long legs saying that she was inspired by Anime.

Her typical response.

Late 2012 Akai told her fantards that she will be removing her Sonadow comic, the catalyst to her fame, because she did not like the couple anymore. The truth is probably more along the lines that she didn't want to share Sonic or Shadow, not even with each other. This spiked up riots among her fans and lost over 1000 watchers. Noticing that her fans were not giving her attention anymore she put the comic back and they all came running back with their dicks between their legs.

They aren't butthurt! They're just showing their opinion.

Recently the Autism has spread and she has pulled the Bi-polar card in another attention whoring journal.

I'm upset on myself...cuz I have a sick personality. And I've realized, they/you're right..I'm bitch. Sadly, one time I can be kind, warmly,forgiving, sensitive...but second time as mean, bad, malicious..the one word..BITCH. I was always like that. Also I feel sorry to my lovely mommy for me :'(

I just don't know how to control this. I'm worry for my future. I'm so sorry for my behavior. I'm bipolar..sadly :( I should leave the DA, but I don't want. I've got used to this place. Anywhere else I don't talk to people because I have no where Don't take my apology, if you don't want. I've just told you the truth about me. I'm also self-masochism mentally. I like to hurt myself. I'm aware of my hard , sick and strange personality.


Akai Dalia, displaying her shitty grammar on Deviantart

In addition to explaining she might leave, again, she cowers behind her mother-tongue, Polish, when addressing the 'horrible meanies harassing her'. Little does she know Google translate works both ways and her journals have been translated to her saying " I can no longer watch hung-up punks who are spoiled for nausea, cluttering their supposed "opinions"." Her truthful talk really shows what an autistic fuck she is.

Unable to any longer endure the endless amounts of exposure at the hands of other users of DeviantART and from users on YouTube, Akai has deactivated her DeviantART account. This was her BAW-fest of a journal before said account had been deactivated, filled with butthurt as usual: Akai's departure. (BALEETED!) Ironically enough, Akai has stated that she did not give a fuck what her detractors had thought, yet she would write shitty response comments with fraught with horrible grammar, piss-poor arguments, fail-troll tactics, take potshots at other people, and she has closed her dA account.

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The Sonadow comic

The fuck is this shit?

The Sonadow comic is where her popularity started to explode. Like every weeaboo sonictard she made a comic about Sonic putting his train inside of shadow. She has hit 820 pages in her comic with thousands of fans following. Reading every little bit of this illiterate train wreck. The comic explains how Sonikku got pregnant twice with his beloved shadokku, posting hidden comics on furaffinity of them having hard core sex in really shitty drawingscd.( now removed due to opinions)

The comic shows the true personality of the characters by making them 2 faggots in love. Shadow being the bitch of the relationship and Shadow using all his strength to forcibly keep Sonic in a shitty relationship against his will. An early indication of the fucked up dynamics Akai thinks a healthy relationship imbues.

Your comic drawings are so cool it should be in a manga comic book now and you will be famous


—rougebat103, on Deviantart

Jane and Sonic's Relationship

Anybody with a functioning brain can tell you the relationship between Jane and Sonic is riddled with abuse and obsession. When Sonic isn't forcing himself on the defenseless, helpless, Jane, he's trying. Even in SFW themed pictures, Sonic is pressing his nuts against her, staring at her tits, or Jane is showing off her ass or tits in awkwardly timed panty-shots. Despite Akai Dalia's denial that their relationship is anything other than loving, pure and true, her own gallery regularly betrays her. It's not uncommon to see pictures of Sonic pinning her down and Jane looking fearful or uncomfortable.

Examples of a Pure and Healthy relationship About missing Pics
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Easy ways to make Akai RAGE

What happens when you disagree with her.

1. Draw any negative picture of her with Amy rose in it.

2. Critique her. Even if it's genuine, she'll cry about delivering critique with respect and proceed to ignore sound advice.

3. Troll her.

4. Casually mention her in a conversation without bringing up her artistic genius.

5. Compliment her but don't use sufficient adjectives and verbs to describe the breathtaking beauty of her masterpieces.

6. Pretend or be legitimately baffled by her shitty English.

7. Use a coherent thought process.

8. Use logic.

9. Draw any of her other Sonic FCs.

10. Draw any pairing of Sonic or Shadow with other FCs or OCs together.

Who Sonic actually fucks and gets fucked by About missing Pics
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Videos of people trying to hammer sense into this loon.

You know its bad when people wasted a nine-part rant's worth of time.


  • Deviantart-favicon.png cute-gamer Deactivated
  • Deviantart-favicon.png cutie-sylveon Deactivated
  • Deviantart-favicon.png artemissilverbane Age unknown. However, often a total baby when it comes to anyone possibly hurting Akai-senpai's feelings. Also draws shitty skanky art and types awful fan-fictions of Danny Phantom. She even posted a picture of her two cats she loves everyday.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png pichulover20 About 20 years of age but still, just like the others, hasn't grown the fuck up and proceeds to worship various children's shows. She has decent artwork when she isn't posting screen caps or pictures of her cats. Also has shitty fan-fictions
  • Deviantart-favicon.png yami-sonic 23 and male. Hopes to one day get a taste of Akai's gaping vagoo. Possibly the most autistic of Akai's followers, he's into even more retarded shit than she is, and has terrible fan-fictions. He also loves drawing Big Sweaty Men
  • Deviantart-favicon.png mochaloidDeactivated
  • Deviantart-favicon.png shadyever 22, Female, and so unoriginal all of her pictures are based of of a charecter from some random show. Thinks she is such a B0$$ A$$ BITCH and is teh best at handling trolls, with a super cocky attitude.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png PrincessSkyler 17, uses bases and shitty virtual generators for her art. A completely autistic fucklord.


Sonic speaking out while sucking Squidward's cock.
Sonic gives the Sue a head start.

Some here mostly are just trollfuck accounts and not really her.

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