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An afrocentrist's portrayal of ancient Egypt.

Afro is a Fucking Hair style You Dumb Ass.


—Afrocentrist comments on a video about Afro-asiatic languages

Afrocentrism is a belief held by a misguided under-educated mentally disturbed black man (or woman) that exhibits traits of a child and has trouble understanding the world as it really is around them. These are the Afrocentrists (some people use the word Afrocentrics). A person that holds Afrocentric beliefs finds pleasure in insulting the white race, while simultaneously trying to rewrite history and claim civilizations that don't belong to them or their people. These types exhibit traits of narcissism and sociopathy, as well as various mental and learning disorders. It is thought that the verbal abuse aimed at the white race by these people, and the false claims to civilizations, are used by them and people like them, as a personal form of therapy to help cope with their issues.

Black people usually claim they owned the world before white devils spontaneously came out of nowhere. Here's an example of a Native North African in Morocco arguing with an afrocentric nigger:

Nigger: "u dumb arab, we blacks lived millions of years in North africa, we even reached Europe, Russia, India, Australia, America!!!!!!!!!!! do u have any education at all ?? the Sahara was not always an ocean of sand, in ancient times and prehistory the Sahara was savannah, with giraffes, elephants, Lion and black People, this is fact. U ARE FOREIGNER, GIVE US OUR LAND BACK !!! India+arabia belongs to africa, check geology, stupid arab. god hates arabs thats why u live in deserts, u infidel" (Dumbass doesn't know the human race is roughly 500,000 years old.)

North African Berber: "Yeah you reached Europe, Russia, India, Australia, America in your crack smoking hallucinations. You think anybody believes that made up garbage that was created by your crack smoking Negroes in America? ...hidden black history my cock! you fucking baboons are not even humans you are hybrid monkeys, as the gorillas often rape your mothers in the bushes of africa and this is how you negroes were born, just look at a mirror and see how close to a monkey you look .."

Nigger: " i am human, more then u! We africans have nature, history of millions of years, full of culture, diversity and strong People. we are poor but we Keep fighting. we live in peace with all animals, but u arab/asian u are not black u are not african, u kill our planet. go to spain or France or italy, go to another planet like mars. look all the prehistoric rock-paintings in libya Show black People. india is black, Aborigines in australia are black, chinese are african decendants. before Roman and turkish Invasion, morocco was black as shit. but now u ugly pink pig colonized our land. we kick your ass back to Istanbul-istan. africa is the black man continent!"

North African Berber: "If Africa is the black continent then Asia is the Yellow continent, so how come there are more than 1.5 billion non-Mongolian Indians/Pakis/Persians living in Asia and who have nothing in common genetically with their yellow neighbors? You fucking monkeys live in the savannah and bushes you have never reached north Africa because there is an ocean of sand that is separating us, which is harder to cross than an ocean of water. The only Negroes who ever reached north Africa were brought here by us as slaves and came chains to their feet and neck. We were the first ones to enslave you sub human monkey asses and we are still the last ones to free you, in fact today Negroes are still in chains in many Arab countries and if it was not for the international hypocrisy that's going on I guarantee you you monkey ass will still be in chains working in a cotton field as far as I am concerned ....and by the way AFRICA is the Roman Name of modern Tunisia AFRICA never meant NEGRO, just in your monkey's brains and in those of the international left ..."

Afrocentric history

Moar info: Africa.
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Crackasaurus starving after nignogs stole all his KFD.
Arabs Came Form a fucking Cave.


—Typical afrocentric comment

Because that sexual act is and was forced on out people. If you accept the white men way of life you also accept his spirit. Christianity is his spirit, Christmas is his spirit, Valentine's day is his spirit, each and everyone of those acts is practicing homosexuality and pedophilia. Thays 90% of your answer then you add in the division of house adoption many of those children are and was molested. You talkng about a man which is the white he sleep white animals what man wil sleep with an animal unless he is part animal which he the white man is part monkey man. Genetics and DNA Prove that.


—A afrocentrist who has never heard of the Westboro Baptist Church

Of course. But coming from a privileged whitey that's just too convenient to say. The stamped blacks as being inferior for centuries to legitimate slavery. The damage was so huge that they are still visible in today's societies.
  • Accepting that as a fact is one thing.

But closing eyes and keeping racist institutions up (especially in the US, remember the end of segregation is fucking 1967!) is one another.

  • You can wish upon a star all you want, that's gonna happen without activists.

Just imagine if you were black once in your life. Self reflection you know? Or maybe you don't want too cause to uncomfortable doing it right.


—Typical afrocentric reaction to pages like these.

Please no quotes from western scholars with their racist perceptions and bias conclusions


—Afrocentrist making quite the hypocritical and ironic comment

I actually agree with some of what you say in this comment. Not everyone in the world with dark skin is African or a descendant of Ham. Hence this video is called BLACK CULTURE, not African Culture. May be I should have called the video ALBINO CULTURE NOT. I claim no Persian heritage nor do I want it. But the truth is the truth; the original Persians were pure black until heavy racial mixing with the Medes.


—Since they don't believe in evolution(because it was discovered by the white man) they explain all the different races with albinism and race mixing



—Afrocentrists on native Americans

Let me make something clear kiwi. I'm not your "mate." And I don't want to share a "drink" with you or any other Euroclown, unless it involves me smashing the bottle over your head and gouging your face with the broken pieces. I don't find ANY discussion with a white compelling unless we get to discuss how grotesque you bastards are.


—Afrocentrists on white people

Amazing how the Ashke-nazi Jews concealed their identity, nothings changed, they still hide behind the scenes today, they were the one's who also planted HIV in South Africa bet they thought they'd wipe out the black Hebrew Lemba tribe, didn't work because these Hebrews stuck to their Hebrew traditions, by only marrying within their tribe and observing their laws. Can't hide the truth for ever, as the good book says "what ever is hidden shall be revealed"..


—Afrocentrists proclaiming their love for Jews and having shitty grammar

Only a rasist devil would try to claim black foks aint the ones built the pirimids! Im tired of these punk ass cracka tryin to steel my peoples history! We buiilt stonehenge, and the Taj Ma hall and everything else. WE was the Vikings, and Beowolf was a black man. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! King Arthur was a black man


—A white troll pretending to be a black afrocentrist but can you honestly tell the difference?

so where's your artifacts from Paleolithic age? Nothing no written history no paintings no sculptures. But we blacks are dumb according to you.


—Since black people have apparently existed since trias they better have developed writing before the white man. However the middle eastern people beat them both to it since the oldest written language in the world actually comes from Sumer. Also if you think that their were any writing system during the paleolithic era then you are probably an afrocentrist

God damned you, you pale devil. The pale cracka aka albonoid race are the only sub-humans, as your ancestors are neanderthal cavemen who only came out of the hills and caves of Europe but 2000 years. Talking about western civilization like u devils are civillised, if its wasn't for the Moors (now called black people thanks to you pale devils) who ruled Europe for 700 years you pale bastards would still be eating raw animals flesh, not washing, throwing your feces out of your house windows and having sex with dogs. The aborigines are divine people of the most high, that's why they are one with nature and i'm pretty sure the aborigines were on the planet way before your pale bastards who cant even take the one thing sustains all life on the planet...the sun.


— What afrocentrists actually believe. Not to be confused with parody

Middle east??? middle of what? That name was made up by European's. What you now call "middle east" was once Africa as well as Egypt. So I guess, Asians aren't descendants of Africans... lol don't think so, look up Jin Lee. We've been and are every where...still confused check out the aboriginals of Australia. Unfortunately European's are a dying breed... thanks to that one drop rule. lol


— Black people blaming white people for putting them down as usual

This blackened skin white idiot, who even darkened his hands is a white supremacist idiot who speaks lies and hide his ugly bid headed face. One can tell by his voice, that he is a stupid white person.


—How Afronuts will react if you yourself are black and thinks that they are full of shit

I never said the Moors weren't great, as a matter of fact the Moors tought the Spaniards plenty of things agriculture, architecture, language, mathematics, astronomy, many many great things. Spain would be totally different if it wasn't for the Moors. But Latin Americans had all those things before Spain arrived. But some people (not you) want to take credit for things that my ancestors did. And they are misguided. peace brother.


Yep, Spaniards could not even speak before the black man thought them to do so

This cracka treated his own people like shit. read a book on the dark ages. these muthafuckas was burning people alive, eating each other. Blood pie? Seriously? All the diseases, murder & prostitution. All the filth, famine, homelessness. Rape, slavery & beastiality. Grown men living in the house with farm animals, fucking them like mates. Crackas didnt even know how to herd animals & properly domesticate animals until the Moors came & civilized them. Hell, these idiots didn't even have soap smh


— Afrocentrist confusing ancient Europa with modern day Africa

Dawg, who has more history than black people? We been here since the world was one land mass. the ONLY people that been on the planet long enough to be even referred to as ancient. aint no muthafuckin contest lol. you can't compete with melanin. and i am not referring to skin melanin dummy. Melanin is the spark of the creator. Fitting that black people have the most. We our earths first man. Born to be kings. Whether its Dr. Oyibo or Lebron James. You could never compete with god given divinity.



Olmecs: Based on Osteodensitometrical Studies and Elemental Analysis of Ancient Human Bones Bitch!! Nigger is derived from the word Niger, which is a country in Africa. You are a ignorant son of wet back whore. Definition of Wet Back: A Mexican living in the US, esp. one who is an illegal immigrant. You people are law breakers that only care about yourselves. My people endured and survived atrocities, we strive and survive mother fucker. You would not have shit without civil rights movement.


— Afrocentrists comment on a video about the rape of a 11 year old hispanic girl

Afrocentricity is the only ideology that can guide us out of our confusion


— Afrocentricity International

They were still living in caves breathing with their own family members, amd they knew little about rituals so this is sooooo wrong


—Afrocentrist comment on a documentary on Indo-Europeans.

About 3000 million years ago, the black man ruled the entire earth, when it was still just one continent. Then, sometime in the early Cretaceous period, blacks lost all their powers and wealth, due to the continent having become almost completely split into seven different continents. Then about 3000 years ago, the black man built the pyramids while the white man in northern Europa(This includes eastern Europe as well since afrocentrists don't know the difference between the two) had yet to bring any agriculture to the world. Then, one day Alexander the Great decided that it would be a great idea to troll the entire African continent by stealing all of their science and philosophy and claim it as a Greek accomplishment. Then, around 1200 BCE, Africans (and according to afrocentrists anything of worth that comes out of Africa must be black) saved the central American civilization by trading with its indigenous people and as a sign of respect the natives started to paint themselves black and worship black gods until the evil cracka from Spain(who is only white when he does something bad by the way) came and ruined everything.

Actual African history

Afrocentrists insist that Benin City, in present-day Nigeria, was a great and noble African civilization that was destroyed by the barbarity of the white man. The way they go on about it, you'd think it was like the tragedy of fucking Atlantis and that fantastic knowledge was lost forever.

The facts tell (surprise!) a slightly different story. In 1897 - which was only two or three generations ago - the King of Benin City ordered an attack on British troops in the area, killing all but two of them. In return, the British came back a few weeks later, with 1,200 soldiers, and raided Benin City. This is the leading officer's own description of what they discovered.

The heat was terrible in the place, the sights ghastly, and the odour awful. Human sacrifices and corpses were strewn in all directions. In the King's compound were the ju-ju temples... It was in these ju-ju compounds that the principal sacrifices were carried out...


Near these [altars] were carved clubs, undoubtedly for use upon the victims of the sacrifice. The altar was deluged with human blood, the smell of which was quite overpowering. This same awful smell seemed to pervade the whole compound, as if the grass had been watered with blood.


In the centre of the altar was an iron erection, like a huge candelabra, with sharp hooks. Its purpose was not known at the time, but it is probable that it was some instrument of torture, or for hanging portions of the victims on. In most of the ju-ju compounds were wells or pits for the reception of the bodies.


But perhaps the one lasting remembrance of the "city of blood," to those who took part in its capture, was its smells. Crucifixions, human sacrifices, and other horrors the eye could get accustomed to, but the stench was quite insupportable.


Blood was everywhere; smeared over bronzes, ivory, and even the walls, and spoke the history of that awful city clearer than words could ever do. And this had been going on for centuries! Not the lust of one King, not the climax of a bloody reign, but the religion of the race.


Facing the King's compound was a crucifixion tree with a double crucifixion, the two poor wretches stretched out facing the west, with their arms bound. The construction of this erection was peculiar, being built absolutely for the purpose of crucifixion. At the base, skulls and bones were literally strewn about, the debris of former horrors.


Down the avenue to the right was a tree with nineteen skulls, the result of more recent sacrifices, while down every main road were two or more human ju-ju offerings.


It is unnecessary to continue describing the horrors of the place; everywhere death, barbarity, and blood, and smells that it seemed impossible for human beings to endure.




Fun fact this guy seriously considers himself to be part of the intelligent black society. Although to his credit he does not believe that the original anglosaxons were black.
PROOF that ancient Egyptians were never black(divorce happened and was legal in ancient Egypt).
Kraut makes fun of Tariq and The Black Authority(But he does not mention the latter by name because only black people care about The Black Authority).
Just in case you think we are just joking about afrocentrist's paleontological claims.
William Luther Pierce blames the Jews for afrocentric history.
Except that Jews are just as baffled by this stupidity as whites are.
Native Americans are also offended by these asinine claims.
Hell, even African Americans who have not gone full retard don't buy into this bullshit(these are the people that afrocentrics like to call Uncle Toms).
You don't need to run around pretending to be a fucking Moor its stupid-EvilOyo

Afrocentric lifestyle

Afrocentric lifestyle means to only eat African food, dress in African clothing or have African haircuts and view everything from a African perspective. What the difference between afrocentric lifestyle and just living is, considering that afrocentric people claim that pretty much everything was black originally, is still a mystery. It should be noted that even though afrocentrists claim that vikings and Celts were black, they don't claim the culture of white cavemen, who ironically enough had dreadlocks before coming into contact with any Africans. In other words, one of the most defining features associated with black people is actually not unique to them even by their own logic.

How to troll Afrocentrists

  • 1.Be black and identify with your nationality rather than your race.
  • 2.If they tell you that objectivity is a white man's construct and that you can't prove with evidence that the Egyptians were not black, then tell them that in your opinion Egyptians were not black and that they can't prove you wrong because it is all subjective.
  • 3.Tell them that white people did not invent racism.
  • 4.Tell them that Mesopotomania was a greater civilization than ancient Egypt.
  • 5.If you are white and they call you a cavebeast show them this

How to be a white supremacist according to afrocentrists

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The next Mine Kampf obviously.
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How afrocentrists view common sense.

To be a white supremacist in the eyes of an afrocentric person you don't have to be part of the national alliance, KKK or even just vote for Donald Trump for that matter. Nope, all you have to do in order for you to be a white supremacist in the eyes of the afrocentric blaKKKs of America is the following.

  • 1.Be white.
  • 2.Don't agree with everything that they say.
  • 3.Point out flaws in their arguments.
  • 4.Love everybody equally.
  • 5.Know history.
  • 6.Know archeology.
  • 7.Know paleontology.
  • 8.Know more than they do.
  • 10.Have straight hair if you are black.
  • 11.Find straight hair to be more attractive than kinky hair.
  • 12.Refer to classic European music as just classic music.
  • 13.Refer to beach color as skin color.
  • 14.Tell them that Obama is of mixed heritage.
  • 15.Tell them that God is not black.
  • 16.Understand DNA evidence.
  • 17.Like the movie 300.
  • 18.Like the movie Alexander the Great.
  • 19.Read Asterix comic books.
  • 20.Like Tintin comic strips.
  • 21.Know the difference between religion and science.
  • 22.Know the difference between history and science.
  • 23.Know the difference between photographs and art paintings.
  • 25.Explain that Celtic black kings are not the same as niggers.
  • 26.Be an indigenous Egyptian.
  • 27.Tell them that Jesus was of semitic heritage.
  • 28.Explain to them that melanin does not give you superpowers.
  • 29.Be gay.
  • 30.Be a feminist.

Gods and people who have been whitewashed according to Afrocentrists

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The original population of India were aboriginal not black so of course the original Krishna was dark skinned.
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But afrocentric retards can't get their head out of their asses and realize that Buddhism does not actually have any god.

Whitewashing is what happens when a person who was originally a person of color is portrayed as white. However, among afrocentrists this word has a slightly different meaning. To make it as clear as possible, whitewashing, according to afrocentrism, is when a god, person or a group of people who were originally black, are portrayed as a different person of color or white. Of course most of the people and deities who afrocentrists claim were originally black weren't but since when do afrocentrists speak the truth? Below is a list of people and deities that afrocentrists believe were Negroids originally.

  • 1.Native Americans
  • 2.Native Egyptians
  • 3.The original Moors
  • 4.The Samurais
  • 5.The Celts
  • 6.The vikings
  • 7.The original Jews
  • 8.The ancient Greeks
  • 9.Krishna
  • 10.Shiva
  • 11.Jesus
  • 12.King James
  • 13.Elizabeth the First
  • 14.Shakespeare
  • 15.Beethoven
  • 16.Mozart
  • 17.Buddha
  • 18.The prophet Muhammad
  • 19.The original population of the earth (even though blacks have also evolved since the dawn of man)
  • 20.Hannibal Barca
  • 21.Attila the Hun
  • 22.Ivan the Terrible
  • 23.Julius Caesar
  • 24.King George
  • 25.Henry the 8th
  • 26.King Arthur
  • 27.George Washington
  • 28.The original Phoenicians
  • 29.Abraham Lincoln
  • 30.Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 31.Ramses the Second
  • 32.Cleopatra
  • 33.Andromeda
  • 34.The original socialists
  • 35.Perseus

Things afrocentrists don't know the difference between

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What?!! You think that humans only evolved two hundred million years ago, silly?
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Please remember that the ones on the left have supposedly existed for more then two hundred million years.

Since afrocentrists aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, you might notice that they don't know the difference between a lot of things. Here is a list of things that afrocentrists don't know the difference between:

  • 1.The Triassic period and the Cenozoic era.
  • 2.The northern European paleolithic stone age and the northern European pre-Roman iron age(see first video above).
  • 3.Communism and socialism.
  • 4.Iranians/Persians and Arabs.
  • 5.Muslims and Arabs.
  • 6.Mulattos and Arabs(Interestingly enough, neither do white Republicans).
  • 7.Mulattos and Persians.
  • 8.Honesty and hate.
  • 9.Stupidity and intelligence.
  • 10.Fantasy and reality.
  • 11.Historical movies and historical facts.
  • 12.Crime and culture.
  • 13.Facts and myths.
  • 14.Slavery and racism.
  • 15.Blacks and aboriginals.
  • 16.Whites and albinos.
  • 17.Blacks and south Indians.
  • 18.Afro-asiatic languages and afro hair.
  • 19.Black people and black mythical creatures, gods or monarch titles.
  • 20.Racial categories and the literal meaning of black and white.
  • 21.Paper and papyrus.
  • 22.Celts and Beaker people(and neither does Hollywood).

Things that Afrocentrists claim were invented by black people

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Yakub the supposed creator of the white race as seen on Black Dynamite.
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You might think that inventing Rock and Roll, Jazz and peanut butter would be enough to give these clowns pride. But like everything else, Afrocentrists have to claim other people's inventions.

  • 1.Communism and socialism(which they don't know the difference between).
  • 2.Equal rights.
  • 3.Country music.
  • 4.Wi-Fi connection.
  • 5.Paper.
  • 6.Space rockets.
  • 7.Photography.
  • 8.White people.
  • 9.East Asians.
  • 10.Native Americans.
  • 11.Telekinesis.
  • 12.Helicopters.
  • 13.Refrigerator.
  • 14.Writing.
  • 15.The potato chip.(Even the second time it was made it was not a black person but a half Native American half-breed).
  • 16.Classic music.
  • 17.Every pyramid on earth.
  • 18.The alphabet.
  • 19.Civilization.
  • 20.Sound frequency devices.

Shit Niggers Actually Invented

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The superior culture everybody.
  • 1.Jenkem
  • 2.A rock
  • 3.Vaginal Mutilation
  • 4.Monkey Wrench (therefore it's name)
  • 5.Ebonics Dictionary
  • 6.AIDS & EBOLA
  • 7.Bad Poetry
  • 8.Black Magic
  • 9.The wheel
  • 10.Shitty hashtags

The sphinx is a paleface!!!

Afrocentrists have long claimed that the honorless A-rab and the blond blue-eyed white devil destroyed the Egyptian sphinx's nose to hide the truth that black wuz sphinx an shiet. However, it has long been known that Muslims(please note: according to afrocentrism, all muslims are Arabs) destroyed the sphinx's nose, because by damaging it, they would enable the statue to project its evil spirits from Shayṭān unto the submissive servants of Allah(Yes, this is what Muslims actually believe)and later on Napoleon's soldiers used the remains of the sphinx's nose as target practice.

However, since afrocentrists are obsessed with their own race, they project said racial superiority unto everybody else. The malevolent A-rab could not possibly have destroyed the nose for the sake of religious fanaticism(Even though Muslim destroy their own heritage in order to please Allah) but out of racial jealousy towards the sun's chosen people, much like how North American slavery, it could not possibly be the result of religion, but had to be the result of the evil of white supremacy and racism. They also claim that the destructive white devil was not simply using the sphinx's face as target practice during the Napoleon wars but trying to hide the truth to remain control over the sleeping masses that sphinx being black Joe(even though sphinx aren't even human by default).

But if you are still insane enough to believe these black delusions then the news might break your heart that the Egyptians, during the new kingdom, when the sphinx was finished including the Pharoah, were Caucasians. But, if that was not enough, it has long been known that the Egyptians that began building the sphinx and the pyramids were Caucasians as well.

Now does this mean that afrocentrists will have to humble themselves and admit that they are wrong? Don't be silly! Just like IQ differences, it is all a conspiracy by the blue-eyed blonde white devil and the A-rab.

Infamous afrocentrists

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Except Negro heads are not above five feet tall and they are usually connected to a body.
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Notice that this comment has already gotten 13 thumbs up in only one week from afrocentric culture vultures.
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And afrocentrists STILL thinks that the Jews are at war with them.
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You still think that the stone circles are remnants of sound wave frequency devices? If so then congratulations you are an afrocentrist.
File:White extremist.jpg
Tariq Nasheed trying to save his fellow Negroids from Ben "putting the trigger on every nigger" Garrison.

There are many crazy afrocentrist in the world. However some are more notorious then others and for a good reasons. Here are some that have made a name of them selves spewing shit so retarded that you can't believe that these people even know how to read and write.

John Henry Clark - Was a brainless moron who thought that the word Jew came from the word jewel, when it is more likely that it is other way around since all Jews belong to the tribe of Judah which also begins with a J(much like their god Jehova) going back to the time when they only lived at the brink of Europa and no where near the west European world from which the word jewel originates. He also believed that Hitler was a Zionist and that Arabs(as well all central Asians and middle eastern- people who afrocentrists consider Arabs because they don't know that people like Iranians are not Arabs and belong even more so then white people to the Aryan race- who even to this day speak the Persian language) and Jews are conspiring together against blacks. It should also be noted that for all the ramble of certain libtards that people who criticize Islam are all secretly just racists who are looking for an excuse to hate on brown people(even tho muslims can belong to all races), John H. Clark is one of the few people who consider the whole middle eastern race(not just Jews) to be inferior along with the white race. He still claims to not hate anybody even after calling Germans thugs for invading Rome while at the same time commending Hannibal Barca(who of course was black since again- nothing of worth has ever came out of the none black population of Africa according to afroretards) for doing exactly the same. Like most Afrocentrists he was convinced that the ancient Egyptians were niggers and that after Alexander the great conquered Africa and gave ancient Greece allot African philosophy the world famous philosopher Aristotle blatantly plagiarized all of it without giving any mention of Africa. He was also a communist and since Afrocentrism tries to rid the world of the notion of unique expression and cultures of different parts of the earth by claiming it all to have an African origin it is easy to understand why an anti-nationalistic and internationalistic political movement would appeal to him. After years of being blind to reality he became literally blind and in the late 90's he finally passed away. His faggatory still lives on in the ghettos of America even to this day.

Ivan van Sertima - Once upon a time on November the first a horrible mistake was made that spawned a horrible monstrosity known Ivan van Sertima on January the 26. On top of believing the usual bullshit about nigger Egypt Sertima believed that the original Americans were black people. You might think that their are some hard evidence like DNA and bones to support this outrageous claim, but no the ONLY evidence that Ivan van Sertima had was fact that the lips on some of the Olmec's statues are compared to the rest of the head two numbers too big for your average native American. Of course nobody has ever suggested that the original population of the Easter-Islands had heads bigger then their bodies because researching a people's race by looking at their own depictions of themselves is fucking retarded but apparently Ivan Van Sertima has never watched anime. Much in the same sense that every star wars fan has to prove to anybody in the whole world that the star wars prequels were shit by posting RedLetterMedia links, black people site Ivan van Sertima as a credible source whenever somebody tells them that they should just go back from were they came if they hate America so much. He eventually died on May 29 2009 but at that point the damage had already been done and now the faggotry will never end unless the natives of America actually do something about it.

David Imhotep - Another afrocentrist who proclaims that black people are indigenous to America. Unlike Ivan van Sertima tho he also believes that the entire American continent was filled with Africans and that today's native population is a mixture of Negroids and Mongoloids. If you are wondering about his obviously false last name it should be noted that Imhotep is an ancient Egyptian name and in case you have not figured it out jet it seems to be something of a unwritten rule among afrocentrists that if it is African it's black.

Unlike John Henrik Clark and Ivan van Sertima, David Imhotep is apparently not important enough to have a wikipedia page about him.

Frank Colin - Also known as Joseph Frank or Francis Joseph is an ex neo nazi pedophile(and no we are not making that last part up) afrocentrist wigger. Unlike David Imhotep and Ivan van Sertima he does not believe that the original population of America was black but that the natives of America got saved by trading with the black natives of Africa from whom the Injuns got culturally inspirated. This of course does not sit well with critical historians and native Americans but the culture vultures of black America will eat it up like watermelons. Ironically enough you get called a racist or a white supremacist if you criticise mister Collins.

Despite being Caucasian himself he also claim that the ancient Egyptians were black as the night. Proving that white supremacist actually don't have any interest in being connected to ancient Egypt.

Malcolm X - Born Malcolm Little on May 1925. Malcolm X Believed that the USA wanted to flood the Egyptians statues with water to hide the fact the original Egyptians were niggers from the black population of the word who had been deceived by the white man but was getting conscious because of the power of the black American civil rights movement(of course not every African nation was under the heels of white supremacy at that point but African Americans like to project their situation on to every black person in the world). Also despite being a Muslim he believed that the Bible was true and that the descriptions of hell and all it's devils were describing America and it's white population and that blacks were the people suffering in it since according to afrocentrists everything that is of any historical importance or cultural significance always has to be about black people. Being a typical African American he of course stayed in the US until he died despite claiming that it was literally hell on earth.

John Alan Martinson jr - Is what happens when a crazy Egyptian culture stealing afrocentrist goes on stormfront and reads a bunch of antisemetic conspiracy theories. When a young Jewes by the name of Mary Lefkowitz decided to make it clear to afrocentrists that nobody takes their bullshit seriously except for them Martinson jr discovered a debate between her and John Henrik Clark and of course did not just consider that what Mary Leftowitz was saying was a reasonable response to outlandish claims, but that Jews were conspiring against both blacks and whites in a divide and conquer strategy to keep them from uniting against the zionist network that controls everybody not realizing that no race regardless of Jewish involvement can get along with niggers. In fact blacks would never have acquired equal rights if Jews had not fought for their cause in the 50's and 60's. Of course being a victim of black propaganda and afrocentrism John Alan Martinson jr started to read a bunch of antisemetic ghetto drivel by Malcolm X who never contributed anything to the civil rights movement except to waste time while Jews did all the work for him and Martin Luther King. John Alan Martinson jr looks white but he's mother is supposedly black (probably in the same way that Obama is black) hence why he is willing to listen nonsense from both races and agrees with stormfront that Jews are planning a white genocide and that they totally did 9/11 despite the fact that racists on both sides would probably want him dead but we can guess that to him it is still preferable to being a part of the ziomatrix.

Sara Suten Seti - Also known as just Saran Suten or Eric Blount is similar to John Alan Martinson jr in the sense that he is jet another young adult afroretard conspiracy nut who apparently also had a white parent with jungle fever the difference being that he is even more insane if you can believe it. Not only does this clown believe that the original Americans and Egyptians were black but that Jesus was a homosexual pedophile and that Christianity was created by ancient Greeks and Romans to make the rest of the world gay. Despite this he also claims that Christianity and Islam is nothing but a carbon copy of ancient Egyptian religions. He also believes that the Valentines day is a pedophile holiday because Erus the god of love is depicted as a little boy.The real reason why he hates Valentines day and Christianity and can't shut his mouth about homosexuality should however be pretty obvious to anybody with half a brain.

Despite his supposed mixed heritage he encourages blacks to kill all them crackas. There are currently three explanations to this 1)He is not actually of mixed heritage and it is just a rumor. 2) He has no love or respect for his own mother. 3) He does not really mean what he is saying and is just being offensive and spewing out bullshit to get attention. If the third explanation is correct then their is no need for anybody afrocentrist or not to take his mindless drivel seriously.

BlackTruthForever - Also known as Professor Truth, Adam, BlackIneptitudeForever is what happens when you take a bottle of narcissism pure it in a bowl of anger mix it with an amount of unselfawareness that would make Chris Chan blush, cook it in a oven of butthurt and finally have it be swallowed and shit out by a Gorilla with severe down syndrome and AIDs so inept that it can't even chew it's own diet. If you think John Henrik Clark, Ivan van Sertima or even Sara Suten were completely fucking retarded then you have heard nothing jet. On March 9th 2007 a giant manbaby with severe anxiety went to the cinema to see the movie 300 against his better judgement. Triggered by the share awesomeness of king Leonidas kicking Persians dark asses back to Iran showing the superiority of the European man over the dark skinned population of the planet the insufferable little nigger went on the net to BAWWWWWWWWWWW about how the movie was racist against niggers(Even tho Persians aren't black but that is not important to know when you are an afrocentrist) and how it was white supremacist propaganda. He then went on to explain how the ancient Greeks were just a bunch of fags and cucks who feelt it was an honor whenever a niggers filled their women with cum. He then loses any integrity he might have ever had by claiming that prior to the Roman invasion of western Europe it's entire population were running around naked and living in caves. After deleting all the comments on his youtube videos that were bringing up actual European history and archeology the rational users on the site decided to flag the fuckers channel. Of course BlackStupidityForever did not realize that it had nothing to do with white supremacy and hate and all to do with the fact that the man is so fucking retarded that even Saran Suten would call him an idiot. The self proclaimed professor truth declared victory and that the deletion of his channel was prof that he had told the terrifying truth that white people were just to scared to admit. Black(Insert your own insult here)Forever continues to step in the footstep of his all time idol John Henrik Clark by claiming that Europeans owe their entire culture to all kinds of niggers including Ethiopians and Moors. According to him the ancient Greeks revered and respected niggers for giving them their Hellenistic culture and classic civilization and as you can probably guess he whines and complains about the media whitewashing ancient Egypt constantly which he of course he also thinks is a black accomplishment.

On top off all this he also hates Asians for making a realistic depiction of modern day Africa in Resident Evil 5 and for giving the main black heroin a hot as hell savage jungle suit as an alternative skin.

Brandon Pilcher - Also known as Brandon S. Pilcher and Truthcentric on Egyptsearch forums is a white man with a huge boner for black women which he considers to be more beautiful then any other type of women on planet earth. If that is not enough for you to realize that this man has a few lose screws he also got the autismo. Sense he has jet to get any black pussy he tries desperately to appeal to the delusions of black women by being an afrocentrist. He is first and foremost infamous for drawing erotic pictures of niggresses as ancient Egyptians and queens living among dinosaurs of course since if you have not noticed by now afrocentrist have a very skewed timescale and understandings of when things happened.

It is also worth to notice that everything about Brandon Pilcher has been identified except for his voice. This is kinda interesting since the only thing that has been revealed about BlackTruthForever identity IS his voice and it should also be noticed that allot of blacks suspect that Mr. BlackTruthForever is in reality a white person pretending to be black and trying to cause division between blacks and Asians. Also BlackTruthForever got really angry at the movie 300 and Brandon Pilcher ones drew an image of the ancient inhabitants of Zimbabwe chasing the ancient Spartans out of Africa(note that the ancient south Africans- did not look anything like black Americans since the Zulu invasion had jet to occur) and they both use the screen name that is in total opposition to what they are actually about.

Martin Bernal - Is the publisher of Black Athena. Martin Bernal claimed that the original Minoans of Crete were black. Martin Bernal says that he would rather claim that ancient Greek culture is Negroid then Caucasian in origin since he fears white supremacy more then black supremacy. Well, this is actually kinda sensible since nobody can take black supremacist seriously. With that being said it is pretty disrespectful towards the current population of Crete but as Martin Bernal is more then well aware of nobodies history is sacred except for Gods chosen people and their loss of the six millions. However none of this has any relevance today since DNA test have proven that the original Minoans were Caucasian. This however does not stop Martin from claiming ancient Egypt as a black civilization since the DNA haplogroups of the founders of that civilization is really hard to distinguish from the foreign ones.

Micheal Tellinger - Another white afrocentrist( wonder why the afrocentrists like to claim that whites of all people are hiding the so called truth from them). Micheal Tellinger does not just believe that the stone circles in south Africa are definitive sign of an prehistoric civilization(despite the fact that it could just as well be a sign of a old agricultural society) but that the stone rings were used as sound wave frequency devices to help the native population to dig underground. Despite being white himself he believes that the European society, bankers and the Catholic church are hiding this fact from people. He believes that many ancient religion contain cryptic signs of ancient technology including television and soundtravel and that Star Trek includes hidden messages that are trying to wake people up to the truth. According to Micheal Tellinger the only reason why the world does not know about this is because the mainstream media is hiding it from people using words such as conspiracy theories and pseudoscience to describe his claims. Micheal Tellinger is probably responsible for the misconception that civilization started in south Africa ironically most blacks who believe this bullshit go on about how the white man is the enemy.

Lex Will - A Marijuana smoking afrocentrists who believes that the Star Wars movies(except for the ones made by the Walt Disney company ) are telling a prophecy about how the blacks are gonna get exterminated like the Jedie knights. He denies the Jewish holocaust but is convinced that there is a genocide going on against all the blacks of the world. Like our previous mentions he claims Greek, American, and Egyptian heritage and add to that list of culture theft he also claims that the true Jews are the African Americans of today.

Tariq Nasheed- Is to the Afrocentric sphere what Shinji Ikari is to whiny depressed teenagers, what Todd Nickersson is to pedophiles and what Shadow the hedgehog is to edgyness. In other words he is the modern figurehead of the movement. What is not so well known is that Tariq Nasheed is actually a white supremacist as proven by the fact that he uses the "okay" sign which as everyone on 4chan knows is an expression of white supremacy. That's not to say that it makes him a enemy of black people since keeping neighborhoods clean and crime free as well as reestablish the black nuclear family is a sign of white supremacy. In other words if you want to help black people the best way of doing so is to be a white supremacist. However Tariq Nasheed does nothing to help the black community(aside for calling out the notorious Zycklon Ben) as he wastes every African Americans time by calling everyone and their mom a white supremacist. Tariq Nasheed will use the phrase "white supremacy" and suspected "white supremacists" as often as Mister Metokur will use the word autism, also known as deflection however if you are not convinced by now that Tariq Nasheed is at best an actual white supremacist or at worst a brilliant coon artist then please allow ED bring his hidden color series to your attention. A quadrilogy of films that profess among other things that melanin is responsible for everything great within humanity, this however does not stop Tariq Nasheed from insulting black people who are darker then him by calling them crispy(get it, because things that get to overheated turn black when they burn to a crisp).

Tariq Nasheed used to be an obscure little shit that only the most desperate of African Americans would look up for a bust of self-esteem along with BlackTruthForever, The Black Authority and MRSUPERBOY225 until well known member of the commentary community Bunty King called out Tariq Nasheed for proclaiming that white people invented racism on twitter. This innocent form of fact checking brought the twitter banhammer of social justice on Mr.King but that was not the end of it since this form of social justice brought upon the wrath of the skeptic community and members like Andy Warsky, Aydin Paladin, Chris Raygun, Kraut and Tea, MundaneMatt, and Raoming Millenial,SomeBlackGuy all having a good laugh not just at Tariq Nasheed but the social justice echo chamber that is twitter of course this make them all suspected white supremacists according to Tariq Nasheed.


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