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I accidentally 93MB of .rar files


OP...who needs to learn to verb

Borked?...Buttsecks'd?... Gave it to the Chinese?

I accidentally (x) — where 'x' = a noun of the poster's choice with the preceding transitive verb missing — is an Oh Exploitable meme of the textual variety, deployed in the same basic fashion as the pretty cool guy meme. Here, "accidentally" means "mishandled" in some manner; the point is to the noun at the end of the OP's original above to something lulzy and the missing method of mishandling up to the minds of the peanut gallery. Bonus points are by adding a macro to illustrate what the missing verb might be.

This meme actually dates back to 1992 - the Australian pop band Frente! accidentally Kelly Street, but it didn't become a meme until 2008.


In May 2008, many Anon were greeted by an OP who doesn't .rar files and verbs.

hey /g/ I need your help

I accidentally 93MB of .rar files

what should I do...is this dangerous ?


Later that evening, another Anon - probably the same nitwit behind the Meriwether Speck trolls and the Catholic Cardinal trolls - resurrected the meme with the phrase "I accidentally 40lbs of mangoes." It was much funnier. But not really.

Most people are familiar with the OP having accidentally a whole coke bottle, however. A /b/tard tried to claim it was first posted on /b/ on the 20th, but failed miserably.

Old meme status confirmed

On April Fools Day 2009, I accidentally X was confirmed as being stale and unfunny when Google included it on their image search page. Though in truth, it wasn't so funny before that either. It became even older and unfunnier when this happened.

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