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Abu's squad is most likely dead.

Abu Hajaar is an ISIS militant who recently became a meme due to his hilariously poor fighting skills as seen in the following video:

Recovered Information

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During a patrol in a heavily armored vehicle, Abu Hajaar and his squad staged an assault on Kurdish troops (Peshmerga), but their plan failed and they were quickly suppressed by enemy fire. During the battle, Abu Hajaar is constantly fucking up; notably by accidentally firing near the allies, not leaning his head down, refusing to assist a squad mate with supressive fire, general recklessness, not angling his weapon properly (so the cases rain down on his teammates), fucking around with a rocket, etc. He also fucked up one of the rockets when another incompetent teammate was aiming it at the enemy.

Eventually, the fun comes to an end when the vehicle is hit by a rocket fired by the enemy team. Fortunately, most of these hilarious ISIS comedians survived the initial hit, except for the driver, Khattab, Allah guide him.

During their retreat from the partyvan, one of them rolls across the ground like an idiot. The cameraman gets shot, which prompts another teammate to retaliate by using the training he got playing Counter Strike. The brave soldier gets up and fires his machine gun at the enemy like a madman.

Rediscovered Video Logs

Street Fighter 6 - ISIS edition

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Abu: The game


Lulzy tribute

weeb fgt's tribute

Peshmerga POV

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