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Yet it's posted again.
I screenshot of my Gold Account page on 4chan, jealous?
How to register for yours today!
Forced meme is forced.

The 4chan Gold Account was created by moot on December 6th, 2007 as a requirement to view certain images as part of the 4chan Improvement Drive. This improvement drive consisted entirely of the Gold Account and redesigning the front page to make it moar user-friendly to Web 2.0 newfags swarming to 4chan from Digg after someone posted a 4chan thread.


For more information, please visit 4chan Gold registration
  • Like 4chan Pass members, 4chan Gold members skip the CAPTCHA.
  • You can edit your own posts with a 4chan Gold Account.
  • 4chan Gold Account membership allows you to bypass wordfilters.
  • 4chan Gold Account members can interrupt the posts of non-Gold Account members in order to create more successful combos.
  • Ban appeals are more likely to succeed for 4chan Gold Account Users.
  • Gold Account holders have a larger choice of uploadable files, excluding only executables and certain scripts
  • Gold Account holders have an option to "lock out moderation", meaning only moot and the poster can delete that post
  • Gold Account holders have the option to track niggers.
  • "#gold" goes in the e-mail field.
  • Gold Account members can upgrade to a Diamond Account, while regular members cannot. The advantages of this are that Diamond is the hardest Metal known to Man.

What can be made of this?


  1. a /b/ mod troll?
  2. a joke that went too far?
  3. an invaluable newfag detector.
  4. Cancer
  5. FAIL


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